Top Blogger Trends For Instagram That Every Influencer Needs To Follow

While filling your Instagram captions with as many hashtags as you could was a trend back in 2012, it is...

W hile filling your Instagram captions with as many hashtags as you could was a trend back in 2012, it is not the case anymore. We will be looking at some of the top blogger trends for Instagram that have come about recently to help you stay in touch with the latest features, so you can also make use of this app to the fullest. 

Instagram has over a billion users worldwide, which makes it one of the most influential social media apps and therefore is used by the biggest brands, businesses, and influencers to promote themselves and their products. With the coming of the pandemic, the world had to make a switch towards having almost everything online. This added to the increased reliance on these social media applications including Instagram. It can be confidently said that Instagram made sure it came out with features that would further increase its usage which we will be telling you all about here. 

Instagram Making Its Live Stream Last Longer

Of course, with the beginning of the pandemic, one of the most used ways for celebrities and any other famous people to interact with their fans was through their live streams, particularly through Instagram live. Its easy-to-use features and the ability to add people to the live stream made it the most popular medium for such social interactions. 

Instagram saw this and decided to increase the limit on the duration of live streams from one hour to four hours. This meant not only celebrities using the Insta live option but a lot of professionals turned towards using this medium to hold their live sessions. 

Increased Use Of Instagram Reels

This is all thanks to the advanced editing tools that Instagram has, which has made it much easier to make videos that look professional, are easy to edit, and are accurately timed. This has both text and special effects overlays, all in one video. You can choose the special effect from a number of filters available in the Instagram library for the desired visual effects to get that perfect reel, which is great for catching your audience’s attention. This has been all the rage in 2021. 

The ‘Filter Without A Filter’ Aesthetic 

The days where pictures were excessively edited with vibrant filters to match a color scheme or where the saturation levels of a picture would be quite high are long gone. 2021 has been a year where people decided to make a shift to more of a natural aesthetic where more realistic or minimalistic filters have been used by both, celebrities and influencers. One such example of an Instagram feed is that of @jlbabe who is an influencer. This is due to the increased importance of showing reality instead of being fake. 

Carousel Posts Have Been All The Hype 

Carousel posts have continued to stay popular due to their ability to cover a lot of information in a post with infographics since you can have 10 pictures in a post. This format has been massively used for social issues in 2021 since it is text-heavy. These are usually easy to read and grasp which is why it is used as an important tool to educate the masses. 

Stickers For The Support Of Causes And Small Businesses 

While the stickers option has always been available for Instagram users and new ones keep being added to keep things interesting. One of the latest editions, specifically in 2021, has been the introduction of the sticker promoting small and not-for-profit businesses. This has been a great tool for these businesses to reach a larger audience and for Instagram users to check out and support small businesses. 

The Merging Of Instagram Chats And Facebook Messenger

As we know that all three, Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger have been taken over by Facebook. The latest update in 2021 was the merging of Facebook and Instagram chats so that both can be replied to and viewed by accessing the chats on either of the platforms. This could be a step towards the possibility of combining the three. 

IGTV Continuously Trending

Since this feature was released, it has made using Instagram even more convenient since there is no longer a 1-minute restriction on posting videos. However, the increasing trend of this feature has come about in 2021. This got even more attractive when it was announced that IGTV will also include advertisements, making it a great opportunity for bloggers, brands, and influencers to monetize their content further.

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