6 Best TV Shows For Kids

For the last few decades TV shows have played an important role in children’s lives. Many kids spend a huge...

F or the last few decades TV shows have played an important role in children’s lives. Many kids spend a huge chunk of their day in front of a screen, playing games and watching TV.

In a scenario like this, parents/guardians must look into the best kids' tv shows to ensure that the child not only enjoys the content that they watch but also learns from it.

What Makes A Show Worthy Of Exposure To A Child?

All parents think differently. Some believe that when it is time for screen time, the child should just have a good time, whatever show they watch. While other parents think it is important to take learning and enjoyment hand-in-hand. 

Different parents and guardians have different perspectives and nothing can be labeled as wrong as it is not possible to have every parent on the same page. Below are some shows which are a mix of learning and enjoyment.

1. Phineas And Ferb

Phineas and Ferb are one of the most underrated kids' TV shows to air. The show primarily follows the adventures of two brothers who think of creative and grand ways to spend their summer vacation and overcome obstacles while being kind and helpful to the people around them. 

The show encourages creativity and curiosity in children, which are two traits that are extremely beneficial for a child. If you look online you will see great reviews that the show has gotten from parents who agree that the show is quite informative and excellent for children of ages 5 and above.

2. Peppa Pig

The vibrant colors, the cute pigs, the short episodes, and all of the things that attract children. Peppa Pig is a show that is watched by children all around the world. It has even caught the attention of adults at certain points. 

The show is about a young pig who goes to school and learns new things by participating in different activities. The show is yet another piece of entertainment with learning for children as it encourages participation, family time, kindness, and confidence.

3. Tom And Jerry 

Tom and Jerry is a well-known TV show that children have watched for decades. The show revolves around Tom the cat chasing Jerry the mouse.

Most of the episodes contain Tom running behind Jerry to catch him and Jerry almost always outsmarts him which is the reason for a lot of laughter. This show is a lovely light-hearted break from heavier shows.

4. Dora The Explorer 

Dora the Explorer is famous for her short hair, colorful outfit, and her pet monkey, Boots. The show also has a villain, Swiper. Dora is often observed saying, “Swiper, no swiping!” every time Swiper is trying to steal something from the little girl. 

During the show, Dora goes on different adventures, being a curious cat herself as she discovers new things in every place. Dora also tries to engage the viewers by asking questions about the surroundings such as certain objects, or counting things that are more than one in number. 

The show is considered excellent content for children who have not started going to school as not only do they get creative but also learn new words, counting, and much more. 

5. Winx Club

A TV show commonly popular amongst girls of the age of 7 and above. However, some boys also enjoy watching this show. The episodes involve characters going to the fairy school to understand and learn better use of their powers. 

The show depicts female friendships, unity, being kind, and not giving up. It encourages female empowerment because the viewers see the fairies bravely fight against any challenges they encounter. 

6. Sesame Street

It would almost be a crime to recommend kid’s shows and not include Sesame Street in the list. The show is one of the longest-running kids' shows and deals with cultural and educational gaps in a way that children can understand and grasp.

The show teaches children numbers, the alphabet, colors and so much more. Making a child watch this show is one of the most efficient and fun ways to teach them things that they learn at the early ages of 2 and above.


TV shows have appeared to be quite an entertaining and attention-catching way to teach things to children whether it is related to academics, behavior, or life. And it’s important to expose them to the best kids' TV shows. As they grow older, their quality screen time will be an added advantage because it will have instilled many good values in them in a fun and exciting way.

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