Must-Have Apps that You Don’t Want to Miss Out On

Phones and tablets are modern technology's wonders that allow you to be entertained, work from anywhere and stay in touch...

P hones and tablets are modern technology's wonders that allow you to be entertained, work from anywhere and stay in touch with family, friends, and colleagues. You can turn your phone or tablet into a movie-theatre, desktop-workstation, canvas, a recipe manager on the go, and a lot more with the right software. Selecting the must-have apps is a challenging task, but we have made this compilation to make it easy for you.

Water Resistance Tester

Water Resistance Tester is a simplistic, but extremely valuable, software that may prevent water damage to your phone.

All it does is inform you whether your phone is water resistant or not. When you push forcefully on the screen, it uses the barometer in your phone to monitor pressure fluctuations. If there is no water resistant seal, the pressure variations will be minor, according to the app. While we can't comment on the science, we can report that the software looks to operate, since it said as much when tested on a phone that we know is water resistant (at least, once we removed the case it did, as cases can and did interfere with the test). Positive reviews on Google Play Store suggest that we're not the only ones who think its judgement is correct.

Of course, you already know whether or not your phone was water resistant when you got it, but water resistance may diminish with time or after a drop. If you've submitted your phone to be repaired, double-check that the seals are still intact. As a result, it's an app worth running from time to time. It's also completely free, yet you may donate to help the creator and remove the advertisements in the process.

Pocket Casts

If you listen to podcasts and want to find new ones and manage the ones you want to listen to, Pocket Casts is a paid software worth checking out. Browse podcasts by charts, networks, and categories, then add the ones you want to build your own playback queue and listen to episodes on the go.

The app scans for brand new episodes on a regular basis, ensuring that you always have the most recent episodes from your favourite series, with automated downloading and customizable filters to keep them organised. Powerful features such as an up-next option, a quiet trimmer, chapters, playback skipper, and more let you to customise your listening experience.

Video Glitch Effects

This app enables you to shoot images and videos and apply over 100+ effects and filters live, including Retro VHS, Shadow, Xray, and Neon, is available for TikTok producers and those recording movies on their Android phone. You may add tracks from your phone to the videos by importing it. You can also apply effects, adjust aspect ratios, and create high-resolution films to post on social media platforms.

According to the Google Play store page, Glitch Video Effects has been downloaded by over 50 million users. More than 630,000 users have reviewed the app on Google Play store, giving it a 4.7 out of 5 star rating by just October. Android 5.0 or higher is required for Glitch Video. The app I s is available for $10 on the Google Play store, or you may test it completely free ffor 7 days.  


The Amazon ecosystem, which includes digital broadcasting, e-commerce, cloud computing and more, is one of the world's biggest multinational tech companies. This app, which has always been a frontier of UX innovation, makes it simple to purchase, review, and return things all around the globe. Shoppers may scan barcodes for any item they see at the store then compare with the pricing on Amazon using the barcode scanner tool.

Users may choose the goods they want to return or process returns immediately from the Amazon app, thanks to this high-tech, smooth returns procedure. The partner gets the goods, scans a QR code from the app, and handles all return shipping. Users may buy anything with only one click if they've previously entered their payment card and address information.


When it comes to music applications, Spotify is usually the first thing that springs to mind, and for an obvious reason too. It's one of the greatest streaming services available. There's a large range of music available, ranging from major label albums to up-and-coming artists. Spotify now includes video support for several of their most popular podcasts. If you want to test it out for free, you may do so, but if you want ad-free listening, the option to download songs, play any track, and unrestricted skips, you just pay $10 per month. Although Spotify does offers a fair 3 month long free trial.  This app also has an option of $15 monthly called "family household plan", a $5 monthly "student account", and a $13 monthly "Duo" account that covers two individuals in the same home.


It's no secret that people love to post GIFs on social media, which has resulted in a plethora of GIF creation applications. Shabaam is an app that helps you push your GIF obsession to new heights by enabling you to add music to your favourite GIFs.

Choose any GIF from Shabaam's enormous GIF collection, then capture your audio (or any other sound) to be overlaid on top of the GIF using your smartphone. The end result is a short movie that you may download on your smartphone or share via other applications.
While the list of the best apps you could have is endless, these 5 definitely top the list for us as must-have apps because of their widespread relevance and interest gauging among the audience irrespective of the age-limit. 

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