Top 5 Underrated Fantasy Movies For Your Movie Nights!

Are you one of those people who have binged watched Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter 64 times? Do...

A re you one of those people who have binged watched Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter 64 times? Do you feel like you need something for your movie night that can transport you to another world similar to how these two do? Here are the top 5 underrated fantasy movies for your movie nights. Grab your popcorn, cuddle in, and get ready to enter a magical universe of sorcery, swords, and more! 

This list down below will offer you a glimpse into fantasy movies that happen to be quite underrated but are gems that you should never miss out on as a lover of the fantasy genre.

Kubo and the Two Strings

First up, we have the lovely animated film called Kubo and the Two Strings. This movie features a small boy of twelve who has only one eye and yet proves to be a master in the game of shamisen. The game originated from his village, where tons of vengeful and angry spirits of the Moon King and his aunts (mother's sisters) took over. 

The same person directed this lovely movie behind the excellent Coraline! With tons of dark and mysterious elements under the cover, this movie is a great fit for adults and kids alike!

The Last Unicorn

Another fantasy movie that's pretty underrated yet fun is The Last Unicorn. The movie's screenplay was written by the same individual who is the author of the book on which this movie is based. The charm that this story offers is unmatchable. However, you get to experience tons of stuff stemming from nightmares. The movie's plot focuses on a unicorn who is the last of its kind. 

This unicorn goes on a journey to become good friends with other animals. However, she is then transformed into a woman and has to deal with the transition of turning into a human with complex emotions and a memory that's even worse than Dory from Finding Nemo. 


If you are on the lookout for a non-animated video that takes you on a magical journey, then it's time to watch Stardust. This movie features amazingly stunning actors and a fantastic storyline with quite some resemblance to Cinderella but is scarier, full of drama, and even more magical. 

The story features a star who fell on Earth and a man who mistakenly enters into the magical world of Stormhold. He stumbles upon the star, and she turns out to be a woman! Throughout the movie, we see the two falls in love with each other and how various other witches chime in to give you comedy, fantasy, drama, and a lot more! 

With the beauty of Claire Danes and the charm of Charlie Cox, you are promised an ending that will make you cry from happiness and a journey that you'll never forget.

Ghost Town

Having almost died from anesthesia, a socially awkward guy realizes that he will now see and communicate with spirits, who beg him for assistance in finishing their unresolved issues. This is the plot of the film. As a result, he finds himself popular among some undead, who desire to speak with the departed and turn to him for assistance.

While the movie's theme is not something very new, it's a good "I can see spirits" film anyway. Tons of comedy, satire, and the lonely character of Bertram Pincus make the movie a hit. The movie also features various hints of romantic comedy and grace. 

Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang

There's nothing that the heart loves more than a motherly nanny and tons of kids under her belt. According to statistics, the film has received outstanding reviews and earned around $93.2 million! Isabel Green is your everyday wife with tons to look after. She hires a nanny who happens to be quite magical. The movie highlights how the nanny deals with the children in the house with her magic and how the different schemes of the film come together at one stunning point!

According to stats, fantasy movies sold 18,197,942 tickets in 2021- when half the world was closed due to the pandemic. Let's discover more of these movies. Now you don't have to re-watch the same old films repeatedly. Check out this list of top 5 underrated fantasy movies and get ready to have the time of your life.

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