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The Complete Guide On How To Train For A Marathon

Want to learn how to train for a marathon? You’re at the right place! Running a marathon is an adventure-driven...

W ant to learn how to train for a marathon? You’re at the right place! Running a marathon is an adventure-driven journey that gives a feeling of euphoria and rush that one can rarely get elsewhere. What’s more, we’re not the only people in the world who tend to crave this rush. According to statistics, around 1.1 million participants worldwide ran marathon races in 2018. We can only imagine where the number must be right now.

However, it is no easy chore. Fortunately for you, we have come equipped with all the tips and tricks on how to train for a marathon.

How To Train For A Marathon

Without further ado, let’s take a glimpse at all you need to do when training for a marathon.

Build Your Endurance Levels

First off, it is never the smartest decision to jump headfirst into a marathon without any prior preparation. Always ensure you are enough beforehand to build upon your endurance levels. Your formal marathon training would include going on daily runs and keeping an eye on the duration of each run. According to experts, you should increase your duration by 10% every week. This should help you gradually reach your target yet give you plenty of time to adjust to the pace and mileage.

Work On Your Pace

Your pace is what you need to keep an eye on while training. On the big day, you may be hyped up, and the adrenaline rush might make you run faster than your decided pace. While this might feel like a good thing, it is most definitely not! You will run faster for some duration. However, you will also get tired out quickly and might not finish the race. Keep an eye on your pace, check your GPS, and stay on the pace you practiced to ensure stability.

Give Yourself The Strength To Run 

You can’t summon Gods, wish for Flash-like speed, and hope for the best. While you will be putting in time and effort for your speed, you also need to ensure that your body is thoroughly nourished well before the race. Consume healthy food items that will keep your body charged and equipped to deal with the stress and hustle that comes with marathons.

Moreover, hydrate! Hydration is the key to success when it comes to marathons and races. According to Adidas Untasted, every runner should include foods like bananas, oats, yogurt, and even dark chocolate in their diet. 

Get The Gear For The Event

The right running gear can do wonders for your run. Moreover, good shoes are an essential element that will show how successful your run will be. Give yourself the liberty to spend a little here and invest in some good running shoes. Some runners like to replace whatever shoes they are wearing during the run; you can do that as well.

However, always ensure that you never get new shoes right before your marathon. Your shoes and gear should always be a couple of weeks old so that it fits on your body perfectly. New gear, including gloves, shoes, and shorts that have never been worn before, can lead to blisters on your toes and feet. Your running gear should also consist of clothes that are moisture-absorbent as well as breathable to keep you airy while you run.

Pick The Training Program That Works for You

Once you are done nourishing your body and working on your clothes, you need to figure out a training plan that works best for you. This is crucial if you wish to strengthen your core and build muscles for a marathon day. Try to work on a full-body training program that takes core exercises, strength training, and mobility workout sessions. You can also incorporate different low-impact workout exercises such as rowing, cycling, elliptical, etc. that can get your body going.

Believe In Rest Days

Our bodies need rest. Depriving yourself of rest will only lead to disaster in the end. Make sure that you have at least one day just for resting. On these days, you can give your body the time to recharge and recover from excessive training. Sit back and read a book or two.

And there you have it! These tips and tricks above should help you learn how to train for a marathon. Happy running!

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