Social Documentaries That Will Inspire You To Change The World

The content we watch and consume affects how we deal with the world and those around us. In today's world,...

T he content we watch and consume affects how we deal with the world and those around us. In today's world, where there's so much going on that's wrong, it is crucial to consume some informational content, such as documentaries that will inspire you to change the world.

This blog will highlight all such documentaries that will inspire you to work and save the world one step at a time.

Read on below to get a look.

List Of Must-Watch Documentaries

The Interrupters

According to local news, the crime rate in Chicago has sped up the last couple of years, with carjacking, robberies, and even murders. This documentary focuses on individuals, especially three gang-based individuals who did not have very colorful pasts but were inclined to turn into activities to stop the vileness in Chicago. 

The documentary revolves around Cube, Ameena, and Eddie, who are activists dealing with issues that might seem unsolvable to the eyes of others. Through their localized action force, there are three highlights how change starts from our very own doorstep and that we should stand up for what is right before it gets worse.

Living On One Dollar

This is one of those documentaries that has managed to gain a huge audience just by its captivating name. However, the name isn't all that this documentary has to offer. Based on highlighting the issues of poverty, this award-winning documentary focuses on how four friends move to their region of Guatemala for some time and manage to use just one dollar for the entirety of their two-month trip.

This documentary is bound to take you on an adventurous journey filled with laughter, love, and goosebumps and will end with tears streaming down your face. Watch this documentary, and you will be inspired to work on changing the world's poverty-ridden state. 

The New Breed

Another highly inspirational documentary on our list is the New Breed. This documentary can be your one-stop shop for all the motivation you could ask for. It deals with multiple issues and revolves around poverty, environmental pollution, and homelessness. 

It highlights the lives and journey of three passionate individuals who choose to nitrate a business that will deal with all three of these problems. 

What's more, this documentary is not just a story but a social enterprise as well. Anyone who watches this film will be contributing to the betterment of the world. The proceeds from the film will go to young and beginner filmmakers all over the world. We highly suggest you check out this documentary, get your fair share of motivation, and make the world a better place as your view automatically helps in funding others. 

The True Cost

All over the world, lower-class individuals tend to work in sweatshops and factories under labor-intensive conditions. The True Cost is a documentary that focuses on the brutal conditions under which laborers worked at the Rana Plaza before it went down in 2013. 

The documentary has done wonders in highlighting the exploitation in these regions by fashion labels. It focuses on the struggle of individuals from developing countries that work in such shops and factories. A documentary that talks about social injustice and poverty; this one is bound to give you the boost to change the world. 


The documentary River blue mainly focuses on worldwide water pollution, specifically the garment industry. In this film, Mark Angelo travels worldwide to various locations, including England, the US, China, India, Zambia, Bangladesh, etc. 

It is said that around 20% of the wastewater found worldwide comprises dyes and other such treatments that are only used by the garment industry. What's more, all of this water wastage and excessive usage by the industry are often hidden and ignored by the world, which is what Mark is focusing on as he brings it to the limelight. He highlights how toxins can lead to water pollution and harm the planet's ecosystem, humans, and marine life.  

Before The Flood

This documentary features the Oscar-winning star Leonardo DiCaprio and Ex-President of the United States, Barack Obama. It highlights his journey as he travels worldwide along with different leaders, activists, and scientists to put forward the state of our planet's climate. 

Moving over five continents, DiCaprio and the experts urge the masses to immediately halt the climate change process. Sending a crucial message to the groups, the facts shown in the documentary might entice you to change your ways and those around you. 

The world needs our help, and we have to step up for change. If you lack the motivation to do something, go through this list of documentaries to inspire you to change the world and get ready for the future!

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