How To Be More Environmentally Friendly At Work

With consumerism increasing by the day, it's not hard to get sucked into the lifestyle of buying- most times we...

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W ith consumerism increasing by the day, it's not hard to get sucked into the lifestyle of buying- most times we end up with things we never use.

You’d be surprised at how much paper and plastic is used up in just one day at the office! So many people are now wondering how to be more environmentally friendly at work. Climate change is upon us, and if we want to do something to save our home, we have to start now. Going green can be difficult at first, but once you start noticing your impact on the world, it will get easier down the road!

Go Digital

A lot of companies are moving to a more digitized work environment, especially due to the Corona-Virus causing constant lockdowns. Switching to software will not only make tracking your documents much easier but also limit the use of paper!

However, if going completely digital is not an option, try investing in recycled paper. Not only is it cheaper than new paper, but environmentally friendly as well.

Try Carpooling

Instead of driving alone to and from work, try sharing rides with your coworkers. This will not only decrease your overall carbon footprint but also bring you closer to your peers.

Alternatively, if you value your alone time but still try to save the environment, look into getting a bus pass and using public transport to travel to work. This will also help you stay on a fixed schedule and get to work early as well. However if you aren’t a fan of using the subway you could also purchase a bicycle, this can also help you get your exercise in!

Put Emphasis On Recycling

Having an office cafeteria is a great way to make sure all your workers are well fed. However, using vending machines or disposable cutleries to serve food is rather wasteful. If you are in an executive position try investing in metal or long-lasting dishes and bid farewell to single-use plastics.

Additionally, you could also add a filtration system, or a water dispenser to decrease the use of plastic water bottles. If you aren’t in charge of making decisions for your workplace, a simple home-cooked meal and a reusable bottle never did any harm!

Look Into Getting Real Plants

Fake plants as decoration work as well as real ones, and probably aren’t that difficult to take care of either. However, real plants play a more significant role in your life. Not only will they purify the air in your office but also prove to be relaxing, hence improving your mood and overall productivity.

Being holed up in a single cubicle can become draining as well. Having and taking care of a plant can be fairly therapeutic and also brighten up your space, not to mention the numerous health benefits they provide!

Host Seminars

If you and your fellow employees aren’t educated on how to maintain a green environment, try arranging a workshop by professionals to learn how to be more environmentally conscious. If you aren’t in the position to make decisions, you can always request your superiors, or try to educate yourself and then help out your peers.

Save Electricity

Office buildings are always abuzz with different staff members working on various projects. This means everyone is moving around their own offices or having meetings in conference rooms all the time. You can go a long way by simply turning off switches and unplugging outlets of the rooms that aren’t occupied. 

Along with that, you can also try shifting to energy-saving lights as well! If that is an expensive change to make, if you work in the daytime, try not using lights if you have sufficient access to sunlight!


Shifting your employees to a more green and positive work environment can become easier if you add in incentives for them to aspire to.

You can offer monetary and nonmonetary benefits to your workers for recycling and being environmentally conscious, and soon they’ll be going green without the need for rewards!

Going Green Isn’t All That Bad!

Deciding to be more environmentally conscious is pretty easy, but giving up certain pleasures to save your home can be difficult. However, following these simple tips can easily teach you how to be more environmentally friendly at work!

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