Mushroom Types And Which Dishes They Are Best For

There are different mushrooms available, some more expensive than the others, that can add so much depth and flavor to...

T here are different mushrooms available, some more expensive than the others, that can add so much depth and flavor to the meals. Porcini bring a nuttiness to a risotto, whereas chanterelles add color and bite to many pasta dishes. 

Mushrooms are a part of the fungi family that is unrelated to the animals and plant kingdoms. There are over a thousand different types of mushrooms to exist, many of which are safe for consumption while others are best left where they grow. The mushrooms available in the market are 100% safe to eat as they are grown in a sterile environment.

How To Cook The Different Mushrooms

Portobello Mushrooms

Being one of the meatier mushrooms in the market, portobellos have become a great alternative for meat when it comes to cooking. They are used more in Italian cooking where they first originated, they do bring in a lot more flavor and depth to cream-based pasta or even chopped up and added to tomato-based pasta. 

They are also great when grilled and used in burgers instead of a meat patty, or if large enough, can also be an alternative to burger buns.

Shiitake Mushrooms

Even though they are more often used in the Asian styles of cooking and added to stir-frys or even soup, they can be great in a lot more cuisines. Due to the meaty texture, they also work well in pizzas and various pasta as they tend to release a woodsy, nutty flavor and bring a certain umami taste to the food when cooked. The dried Shiitake Mushrooms can be used as a powder or a garnish that are far more intense than when they are fresh. 

Oyster Mushrooms

They have a fan-like shape and their white pale color makes them immediately recognizable. They are one of the most common mushrooms that are consumed and found mostly in Chinese and Japanese styles of cooking due to the subtle mild and light flavor. 

Button Mushrooms

Also known better as white mushrooms are how many of us were generally introduced to mushrooms. Unlike wild mushrooms, they have a less intense flavor and can be consumed raw or cooked. They also work well raw in salads providing a little crunch, or even in soups and topped on pizza. 

Chanterelle Mushrooms

A type of wild mushroom that is very popular in the European Region. Known for their golden color and trumpet-like shape, they taste heavenly cooked just in butter and garlic. They tend to smell similar to apricots, just with a more fleshy and meaty texture. When fresh they are quite firm and have a velvety texture once cooked. 

Black Truffle

People tend to be surprised when finding out Black Truffle is a type of mushroom. They are a little of the expensive side as they are a seasonal mushroom, making them rare. Due to how costly they are, they are usually served as a garnish by being shaved over various pasta dishes, eggs, and soups. 

Black Trumpet

They look similar to Chanterelle Mushrooms due to the similar trumpet shape except they are darker in color and have a wave-like rim. They can be found in the Midwest and Eastern US during colder seasons, or along the West Coast throughout the winter season. When dried completely, they smell similar to Black Truffle and have a rich smoky smell when served fresh.

King Trumpet Mushrooms

Also, known as King Oyster Mushrooms, this type of mushroom is known for its larger stem. They are served best-sliced half and grilled or roasted in butter which lets them keep their shape and gives them a meaty yet tender texture. 

Enoki Mushrooms

A type of mushroom widely known for being in clusters with long thin white stems and shiny small white caps. They are more popular in the Asian style of cooking and can be served in soups or even raw on different styles of ramen since they provide a good crunch and light flavor that way. 

Maitake Mushrooms (Hen of the Woods Mushrooms)

This type of mushroom is available in many stores and comes in small clusters that have overlap and soft-to-touch caps. They tend to have an earthy aroma and taste best when served grilled.

Now that the information on mushroom types and which dishes they are best for is provided, exploring the variety will be a fun journey.

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