Latest Trends for Nails This Winter

Mix up your makeup appearances for the winter by turning on your heater and snuggling up in a tightly knit...

M ix up your makeup appearances for the winter by turning on your heater and snuggling up in a tightly knit cardigan. You've updated your makeup and clothes to reflect current trends, but what can you do about your hands? Well, you can warm up your fingers with the latest trends for nails, from frosty tips to gleaming solid brass hues, you'll be the best-dressed at all of your family events this year.

It's no wonder that french tip manicures are coming back into fashion in this period of the 20th century revival. Getting creative with the tips of each nail, such as a double french or darker color french manicure, is a terrific way to spice up your winter nail art. You can go with the conventional white and nude color scheme or try something new.

To be fair, we're still into all of the previous trends and plan to keep doing what we're doing if that's what we're feeling, but we are also excited about the year ahead. Continue reading as some of the latest trends for nails of 2021 are listed below.

Minimalistic Nail Paint

Regardless how stunning and gorgeous the gems, stones, and beads over our nails are, it's not a minimal nail feel, and an adorned 3D nail art isn't exactly easy to remove.

Dazzling nails or 3D nail art will lose its fanbase in the coming years. Since it is exceedingly difficult to clean or remove and neither is it long-term sustainable. A lot of people prefer a more simple approach to nail art. You don't have to give up shimmer or glamor completely, but it's surely a more manageable version of the popular nail art trend.

Simple minimalistic nail art is simple, elegant, and stylish. It's also a fun method to experiment with forms and lines in a non-obtrusive fashion. Simple designs, such as triangles or dots, are something that are easy to do. Make sure your nails are the same size and curve to make this trend work proper.

One Finger Rule

It's your call, but picking only two (or three) nails to stand out from the rest of your mani will be the 2021 version of the full-hand gradient fade trend that swept the world recently. You can freely go all out and try a design on any of your fingers, or keep it simple by changing the color of your nail polish.

Adding a design or a different color to just a few of the fingers gives the manicure a great pop, and it's always exciting to have one finger stand out. You can choose to highlight any finger(s) other than your ring finger, as it will be less anticipated and traditional.

Velvety Nail Paint

Metallic is running out of trend but you will not be wrong to believe that we will see metallics to some level at least in the future, but there's a fresh, new take of metallic nail art called "velvet nails' and to be honest, it's amazing.

You can attempt a couple of different approaches at home to acquire this look for your nails. Some nail artists use something called flocking powder, which is a powder that you dip your nails into to create a velvety, metallic effect. Basically, it resembles fake snow while others use magnetic nail liquid, often referred to as "cat-eye" polish.

Empty Space Nail Art

This year, empty space also called negative space nail art designs may just trump the highly trending designs of 2020. It's a particularly good technique to extend the life of your manicure compared to other nail-art designs, and it can really buy you more time between salon visits or even at-home nail jobs.

There are different ways of generating the negative space design at home if you don't have a steady hand. To make straight lines, you can always use striping tape or narrow brushes. Just make sure the tape is firmly in place so that the polish doesn't go under it. If you want to do a gradient fade over your natural nail, use glitter because it lasts longer. Make sure there isn't a lot of polish on the brush before softly stroking the polish over the nail to create a denser fade near the tip.

Those were the latest trends for nails this winter!

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