8 Of The Best Colors That Make Your Home Look Bigger

When we think of the word home, we associate it with peace and calm. A place we come back to...

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W hen we think of the word home, we associate it with peace and calm. A place we come back to when we want to relax. However, if you live in a small home -it may feel claustrophobic. So much so that you might not feel like going back even after you've tried to decorate it very well. 

Even when this happens, people forget how there are colors that make your home look bigger. To remind you of all the paint colors that can have an impact on how small or big your house feels, we have compiled a list of them directly down below. 

Bright White 

Whether stark, clean, off-white, or any other type of white you choose, they all work perfectly, making your home look more prominent. It's no secret that light colors create a sense of space and calmness, especially if there's a ton of natural light coming in through the windows. Furthermore, white works with any aesthetic and room type, so choose white if you're looking to start your decor process. 

Earthy Ochre 

You'll find many people talk about ochre in a negative light and say that it's an "overpowering" color but we feel otherwise. When met with the rays of light, this deep, warm color increases the dimensions of your room. The warmth of the color feels inviting and brings vitality to every room. 

Brown Wooden Desk With Rolling Chair and Shelves Near Window

Dark Blue 

Want to make a statement even while you're in your room? Dark blue does the trick! Although lighter colors are usually used to create space, blue creates a bold and dramatic look -so much so that it distracts visitors from the lack of space. If you're someone who likes dark colors but is reluctant to go with black, a navy or dark blue is the way to go. It’s no wonder blue is the most popular color worldwide!

Blush Pink 

This neutral pink shade has a beautiful feeling of warmth and snugness without being too overpowering. If your personality is very cheerful and light and you want your house to showcase that, using decorations and wall paint that are light pink is a great option. An enveloping feel will also develop if you paint the ceiling in the exact same hue. 

Cool Gray 

There are a variety of grays, just as there are a variety of whites. This is also because they usually act as a replacement for white since people don't want to seem very basic with the usual white. It also has a starkness to it, something people move away from. So, give your space a cozy and expansive feeling with a light and cool gray. 

Mint Green 

We don't know about you, but we are huge fans of everything mint. Whether it be ice cream or room colors, mint always works great. A light mint color can open up your space and make it more breathable while also being soothing. It can add a modern touch to your house. A pro-tip is to use this color in the living room to draw in your guests and make it easier for them to relax. 

Charcoal Black 

If you live in a place where you get little to no light, white is probably not your best bet. Instead, you should embrace the darkness and go for a charcoal black. It provides an appearance of grandeur and adds the illusion of a much larger room. A deep and dark black on your walls can prove to be an extraordinarily evocative and reminiscent backdrop. 


Purple stirs up many emotions -some hate it while others love it. If you're a part of the second category and have positive feelings when you think of the word purple, this cool color is made for you to paint your house with. Lavender highlights particular elements around it and gives a pop of color while not overwhelming your home in any way. 

And there you have it! All the colors that make your home look bigger. There might be several more, but these are some of the hardcore colors that are always available in markets, and will help your small space look much larger than it truly is. Try them out today and you won’t be disappointed. 

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