Here Are the Top 5 Underrated Sci-Fi Movies You Can't Miss Out On!

Star Wars always pops up in our minds when we think of sci-fi. That is why we come to you...

S tar Wars always pops up in our minds when we think of sci-fi. That is why we come to you with 5 underrated sci-fi movies you need to watch to get out of rewatching Star Wars! There are various movie genres. However, sci-fi has a fanbase known to stun the rest because of the times they are watched or rewatched. 

You would be pleasantly surprised to see the acting, storyline, and actors these movies have in store for you. Get ready to be transported to new worlds with these 5 underrated sci-fi movies. 


Based on a short story from 1959 called All You Zombies, this sci-fi movie offers all you would look for in this genre. While the movie might be a little complicated, only that and more makes it such a great watch. Complications throughout mixed with tons of drama that will keep you biting your nails, this time travel-based thriller movie is directed and written by the famous Michael Spierig and Peter. 

Taking inspiration from Robert A. Heinlein's short story, this movie features Ethan Hawke, a time traveler who is working on his quest to stop a bombing in New York! What makes this movie such a fantastic watch is that the audience will be on the edge of their seats to figure the reality with the future and past scenes Hawkes works on identifying the bomber. 

The Host 

Are you a fan of monsters fixed in with some science fiction scientist drama? Here is the movie you are looking for. The Host, a movie from 2006, is a classic for portraying madness that involves scientists, monsters, and kidnapping! Directed by the famous Okja or Bong Joon ho, this movie highlights the story of a beast who kidnaps a young girl and her father's journey in trying to save her. However, that's not all. 

In this movie, you will also find some satirical elements for politics and how bureaucracy is often useless when dealing with threats. It also deals with the topic of environmental changes and is more- exciting and educational, right? This movie will convey a message while stunning you with extraordinary special effects.

But, since it is a foreign movie, you will need to read the subtitles (go for it, it's worth it!)


A movie of the year 2013, Coherence is little-known, but all those who have seen it would agree that the masses are sleeping on a sci-fi gem. It is said that this movie was shot in five days, and the budget was pretty tight as well! A debut movie for James Ward Byrkit focuses on a set of friends looking forward to a dinner party when they are surprised by a comet striking through the night sky.

Dealing with the chaos, the movie further focuses on the different realities opened for the characters. Watch the film, and you will get a gist of how it only takes one comet to turn friends into enemies. We're sure that you'll probably want to watch it again once you're done. 


We're pretty sure everyone out there now has seen the Oscar, winning movie Parasite by Boon Joon Ho. However, that's not all his work. This Oscar-winning famous director has tons of other movies under his belt as well, one of which is Snowpiercer, a sci-fi wonder. 

This movie gives a glimpse into post-apocalyptic life. It shows the future where the actors, Chris Evans and Tilda Swinton, are part of the struggle of humans, and the classism in the society while calling out the elites. Both an intellectual and thrilling film, this movie will have you thinking hard. 


We don't know what it is about these low-budget movies filmed in a week, but they turn out to be quite a hit. Another hit movie filmed with a budget of $15 million and in 6 weeks is Colossal from 2017. 

This movie takes you through the life of Anne Hathaway (Gloria), who is an unemployed writer and an alcoholic as well. We get to see her controlling a monster without even realizing it. Once she figures out that the animal is copying her actions, she has the responsibility to work on herself and ensure that no one dies through the hands of that monster. 

Watch it and see for yourself how she tackles it!

According to statistics, Avatar, a sci-fi movie, was the most successful movie on a commercial basis. However, that's not all that there is to sci-fi. Go through this list of 5 underrated sci-fi movies and find ones that resonate with you. Once you’re done with these, you can get started on the best Disney live-action remakes all set to become your favorites in the coming year!

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