Common Desserts Every Home Cook Should Learn

Even though ordering food online has become easier while ready-made desserts get easier, nothing will impress a guest more than...

E ven though ordering food online has become easier while ready-made desserts get easier, nothing will impress a guest more than a home-cooked dessert made especially for them. There are plenty of dessert items that can be made and served the same day that do not require a lot of effort from the baker. Here are some common desserts every home cook should learn! 


Pound Cake

A good pound cake recipe is as versatile as they come. By changing the flavor notes or adding fruit or even chocolate, a decent cake can be produced to serve with a nice cup of coffee. Serving a slice of a warm homemade pound cake with a dollop of whipped cream is a satisfying way to end any meal. 

Chocolate Cake

Everybody loves chocolate cake. It is an easy crowd-pleaser. Knowing how to make a moist chocolate cake goes a long way. Being able to measure out the ingredients and getting the timing right helps create the perfect moist and fluffy cake.

Serving it simply with a layer of buttercream frosting and chocolate topping creates a magical dessert that is perfect for any occasion. 

Tres Leches

A Latin cake-based dessert that is quickly rising to popularity. Tres Leches in English means three-milk cake. It's made with a light and fluffy simple cake that has holes poked in it and is then drenched in a mix of 3 different types of milk. The three types of milk are sweet condensed milk, evaporated milk, and regular half and half. 

The recipe is usually very flexible as it can be made by the serving or as a whole cake that can be sliced and served topped with whipped cream.


Chocolate Chip Cookies

Who does not love a warm fresh-baked chocolate chip cookie that is still gooey in the center? 

The dough can be made in advance, shaped, and frozen. They are perfect for when guests show up unannounced and they can go from freezer to oven. A good chocolate chip cookie goes a long way when pastry items are being craved and the person is short on time.

Sugar Cookies

Flour, sugar, and butter. That is all that this cookie recipe requires. A quick-to-make recipe that can be served as made or topped with chocolate, jam, or even just whipped cream. This cookie dough can also go from freezer to oven. To make it pleasing for the kids and adults alike, the cookies can be shaped and cut in however way desired and they will come out of the oven looking the same. 


Creme Brulee

This custard textured recipe is a favorite for adults. The caramelized crackle of the top is fun to break with a spoon that everyone finds enjoyable. 

They are an underrated dessert that is thought to be more complicated than it truly is. Making the batter does require a little bit of patience, however, after going step by step and baking them, they can be immediately served as they require no additional topping, unlike cakes.


A classic recipe that is easy to make. If a baker can make a flan, other versions such as creme caramel or even creme brulee are easy to make as they are similar with just a few subtle changes that enhance the recipes.

It is a simple dessert that is soft and velvety making it the perfect dessert after heavy meals.


Apple Pie

Having a pie crust recipe goes a long way for any baker. The possibilities are endless. Being able to create something as simple as an apple pie at home that is served fresh out of the oven with some vanilla ice cream is certain to steal someone’s heart. 

Fruit Pie

The same pie crust recipe can be used to create any sort of pie. A crumbly warm crust with simple pastry cream that is topped with whatever seasonal fruit is available is easy to make and serve. Placing the fruit pieces in different patterns or adding different varieties of fruit even makes it a colorful and delicious dessert to serve.

Banoffee Pie

All this requires is a baked pie crust, a layer of bananas, whipped cream, and chocolate chips. This can easily become a family favorite, making it one of the few common desserts every home cook should learn. 

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