8 Great Ideas For Kid-Friendly Meals

Tired of thinking of ideas for easy meals for kids every day? So your kids are being picky eaters yet...

T ired of thinking of ideas for easy meals for kids every day? So your kids are being picky eaters yet again. You don’t want to slave away in the kitchen only to have your kids turn their noses away from the food you’ve painstakingly prepared. We understand that making healthy and easy meals for kids can be a challenge. So, we’ve combined our favorite meals for you to browse through. These easy meals for kids are so appealing and kid-friendly, that even the most finicky eater will finish in no time! Keep on reading to make dinner time easier and less fussy.

Pepperoni Cheese Buns

Who doesn’t love pizza? However, feeding your family pizza every week can become expensive very fast. We’ve come up with a better solution for you. The pepperoni cheese buns are made with the best kid-friendly ingredients such as ground beef, pasta or pizza sauce, chopped pepperoni, and of course shredded mozzarella cheese. These buns ooze warm hot cheese in a sandwich form that will please any child.

Sticky Tacos

Do you love taco Tuesdays as much as we do? How about doing it a little differently to spice things up like assembling them into a taco stick. The best part about stick tacos is assembling them. Combine the sensational ingredients such as tomato sauce, taco seasoning, canola oil, chopped beef chopped, chunks of green and red pepper, onions cut in wedges form, and sour cream into the best stick tacos. Your kids will be devouring the tacos and asking for multiple helpings!

Vegetables, Rice & Chicken Skillet

The ingredients of this dish are rich in protein and nutrients such as boneless chicken, chicken broth, celery, green beans, mushrooms, minced garlic cloves, and rice. The colorful nature of this dish makes it look appealing plus the aromatic smell gathers everyone around the kitchen waiting to eat it up. Seasoned with garlic powder, lemon juice, pepper, and salt makes it one of the most mouthwatering easy meals for kids.

Loaded Burrito Wrap

Packed with delicious fillings a loaded burrito wrap is hard to ignore. The wonderful thing about loaded burrito wraps is that you can mix and match the ingredients according to your children’s taste buds. We have a partial preference for a blend of enchilada sauce, salsa, ground beef, and shredded cheese, but of course, you’re free to add whatever comes to mind and be creative with it. 

Baked Drumsticks

Every child loves a chicken drumstick. Nothing’s better than soaking the chicken drumsticks in your favored marinates overnight to make sure it’s juicy. One of the finest marinates includes lemon, soy sauce, bbq sauce, honey mustard, chili powder, and your favorite herbs. Zip up the bag and leave it overnight to soak and bake the chicken drumsticks that your kids will gobble up without complaints. You’ll find this delicious meal becoming a staple in your household.

Pancake Pizzas

Kids adore pizzas and pancakes. What’s better than combining their two favorite things and watching as their eyes go wild in excitement for dinner? Blend together baking and biscuit mix, Italian seasoning, milk, eggs, sliced pepperoni, chopped tomatoes, green and red pepper, and sauce for the perfect pancake pizzas. Another dish your kids will be begging for again.


Adding a bit of cumin and chili powder spreads the enchanting aroma all around the house that has your kids running to see what’s for dinner. A combination of stir-fried chicken and vegetables with your favorite seasonings and herbs makes this an essential meal for days you can’t decide what to cook.

Garlic Chicken With Mashed Potatoes

Roasting chopped cloves of garlic in a pan converts them into creamy scrumptiousness. Add a side dish of cheesy garlic bread and mashed potatoes with chicken thighs. Sauté your chicken thighs in herbs, garlic, and your favorite seasonings for one of the greatest easy meals for kids.Dinner is one of the meals the entire family eats together. Consuming diverse food makes mealtime a fascinating and appetizing opportunity to discuss the cultures behind each meal.

Eating a well-balanced diet of food rich in nutrients and proteins is vital for children. Taking note of what your kids enjoy, allows you to plan meals accordingly. You’ll find that our guide has a variety of food that helps you make easy meals for kids. It provides you with ideas to help make your life stress-free.

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