6 YouTube Videos That Went Viral Overnight

Since its inception, YouTube has grown to be among the most visited sites with an abundance of Youtube videos that...

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S ince its inception, YouTube has grown to be among the most visited sites with an abundance of Youtube videos that went viral overnight and brought lots of traffic along. Now, YouTube has evolved into a full-time job opportunity for many content creators.

The platform actually possesses tremendous power due to its addictiveness. With plenty of happening videos on YouTube, here's our compiled list of YouTube videos that went viral in a few hours.

Ryan Higa's How To Be A Gangster

Ryan Higa is indeed the poster child for gaining popularity through controversy! In 2006, Ryan Higa began uploading videos to YouTube. The majority of his Youtube videos featured lip-syncing to various songs in a lighthearted tone.

Higa rose to prominence after releasing 2 videos in 2008. Among them were  "How to Be Gangster" and "How to Be Emo". Now you understand why I included the word "controversy" in my title. Both videos were taken down soon after they swept youtube by a storm and turned Higa into an overnight success.

Robert Kelly's Kid Disrupts His Interview

Professor Robert Kelly was just being questioned on BBC News but his two kids, a toddler and a baby, seemed to have other plans. They snuck into the studio and disrupted the conversation.

A much more entertaining interruption is when the mother crawls in to grab the children and then attempts to seal the door quietly.

Charlie Bit My Finger

The 56-second YouTube clip was published on Youtube in 2007 and includes 2 boys from the U.K, named Harry Davies-Carr (aged 3) and Charlie Davies-Carr (aged 1). Harry purposely slips his fingers into his younger brother's mouth when they are both sitting in chairs and is bitten each time. After that, he complains to his parents about Charlie biting his finger.
Davies-Carr has now told media that his parents offered to take the video down from the platform in order to increase the resale value while also updating the clip.
The clip was sold in the form of a "non-fungible token (NFT)", which is a digital document that shows possession. Eleven bids were placed in a bidding war, an unidentified buyer using the internet alias 3fmusic has now gained full custody of the footage.

A Bad Lip Reading of Donald Trump's Inauguration

Maybe you were curious about what's really inside the Tiffany jewelry box, which Melania Trump gave Michelle Obama on Presidential Inauguration Day. Or perhaps you've been wondering what former President Barack Obama and current President Donald Trump discussed while standing beside each other.

Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing. However, the latest video, "Bad Lip Reading" offers some funny guesses, which may be the Youtube channel's best so far.

If you've seen some of these, you'll recognize a portion of the video as being full of the kooky lines you've come to expect.

10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman

Rob Bliss produced this video for "Hollaback!" in October of 2014 and called it "10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman". This video stars actress Shoshana Roberts, dressed in a black T-shirt and jeans, strolling through numerous NYC neighborhoods with a spy cam capturing what's happening at the front.

The 2-minute film features only select footage from 10 hours of content, demonstrating what can best be termed "catcalls" or street harassment of women by men, with a total of 100+ such incidents reported. People calling out "hello" and "good morning", hurl remarks on Roberts' looks, trying to start conversations, making frustrated comments, as well as guys following her over several minutes, were among the behaviors observed.

The Youtube video has received 50 million-plus views as of September 2021.

Saturday Night Live's Lazy Sunday Skit

What was their motivation for airing this on YouTube, and what exactly can you take away from it? Well, for starters, this teaches us that copyright holders can commercialize their content on YouTube.

Sure, they must share their advertising earnings with YouTube. However, it seems logical to suppose that somebody at NBC realized that allowing sponsors to run advertisements alongside Lazy Sunday's Youtube video along with NBC's website could generate more revenue for SNL. They have now stopped hoarding their media content for their own site, which receives substantially less traffic.,
As for the video, it’s still up and available and we won’t ruin the fun by telling you what happens in it!

In summary, if you would like your video to go viral then share it with your friends, or family, as well as coworkers. Be sure to make content that will help people relax and unwind, can teach them new stuff, enables a deeper dig into topics of interest, helps them laugh, inspires them, keeps them informed, and addresses social issues from around the world because these are the prominent themes in YouTube videos that went viral overnight.

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