Meditation Before Bed For A Good Night’s Sleep

In this world, everyone faces problems, has multiple stress factors, and goes through many difficult things. But that is what...

I n this world, everyone faces problems, has multiple stress factors, and goes through many difficult things. But that is what helps us grow and shapes us into better versions of ourselves. 

One thing that makes us live a better life is having a healthy mental state and appreciating what we already have. Practicing mindfulness and meditation before bed can help us unwind and clear our mind before we try to fall asleep. It is very easy to start overthinking and losing courage for things you have been thinking about. In this case, you need to start clearing your head and finding peace within yourself to help you cope with stress and anxiety. 

The time when most people tend to overthink and replay stressful events is when they are in bed waiting to fall asleep. This can further stress you out, cause sleeping issues, and disrupt your life in many other ways. 

But there are alternatives to help you have a peaceful sleep and stay happy. Here are some different types of before-bed meditations you can practice to help you ease into a good night’s sleep.

Mindfulness Meditation 

Mindfulness meditation requires you to focus on what is in the present and avoid thinking of things from the past or future. It is done by diverting your attention to your consciousness, body, and breathing. Here are 3 ways how you can attempt this at home every night.

  1. Start with clearing your mind and removing all forms of distraction, especially your phone. 
  2. Lie down in a comfortable position and focus on your breathing. Inhale for 10 seconds, hold for 10 seconds and exhale for 10 seconds. Repeat this 5 times.
  3. When you feel like your mind is side-tracking or thoughts are popping up, slowly bring yourself back by focusing on your breathing.
  4. If you feel like any part of your body is tense, then try to actively relax it by loosening your muscles. 

Guided Meditation 

Guided meditation requires you to lay relaxed with a soundtrack that guides you through your meditation. It tells you where to focus and things to think about with relaxing music, sometimes.

  1. Pick a recording of your choice and turn the light off on your phone )or set it face down if you cannot).
  2. While listening to the recording, breathe deeply and slowly. 
  3. Focus on the recording and follow along with them. Avoid letting your mind wander off and focus on the recording. 

Body Scan Meditation 

Body scan meditation makes you pay attention to your body and notice all the small details with your consciousness. It increases awareness of your physical sensations and helps you feel relaxed.

  1. Remove all distractions from yourself. 
  2. Close your eyes and focus on your body and its weight.
  3. Focus on your features, fingers, arms, going down to your feet. Or vice versa. 
  4. Relax any part that is tense and keep your mind fixed on your body.
  5. If your min diverts then bring it back to your body. 

By following these steps you will feel more at ease, it will stop you from thinking about aspects of your life too much that do not need attention. If you really want to think of something then think of what you love most and what makes you happy. Keeping those thoughts can also motivate you to do better mentally and stop you from stressing over what can easily be fixed. 

Benefits of Meditation 

There are endless benefits of mindfulness and meditation. They promote relaxation, peace, an alleviated mood, increased focus, etc. There are many challenges in life that a simple meditation habit can fix. It prevents you from thinking of unnecessary things that would end up ruining your night. For more serious conditions like addiction, heart problems, or skin problems, meditation helps with improving heart health, controlling high blood pressure, reducing inflammation, and cravings of harmful things you should quit. If you wish to live a healthy lifestyle, meditation before bed can change your world and bring you benefits you couldn’t have imagined!

Bottom line… 

It is never easy to build a new habit but it is always a good idea to try, especially knowing how beneficial it can be and have such a positive impact on your life, it would be cruel to let it go. There is also medication to fight stress and help you fall asleep but that can be addictive, or have undesired side effects. Meditation before bed is often a safer and better option.

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