5 Of The Best Gaming Keyboards

It is understandable why anyone would want the best gaming keyboards for their PCs. The PC gaming market is one...

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I t is understandable why anyone would want the best gaming keyboards for their PCs. The PC gaming market is one of the most bustling out there. According to statistica, there are approximately over 1.5 billion active PC gamers at one time. More players mean more competition, and more competition means the slightest of margins could get you to victory. If you are looking for that competitive edge, especially in the context of gaming keyboards, here are some of the best that can elevate your gaming experience.

Razer Huntsman V2 Analog 

Some would call this the best gaming keyboard hands down in the market right now. With the latest optical technology mixed with Razer’s very own Mechanical Analog switches, these keyboards are just incredible to click on. A further plus point is that it offers you fully customizable key actuation and a wrist rest that is just asking you to game non-stop for days on end. The only problem is that the price of this keyboard is something you can buy a nice little PC with or a month’s worth of groceries, however, it is definitely value for money. 

Mountain Everest Max 

This is the product of a Kickstarter campaign and honestly, it is everything a PC gaming enthusiast would ever want from his life. It provides you with a lot of room for modifications as it comes with hot-swappable key switches if you decide you need to change up your settings a little. It has a very ingenious modular design that is mixed with a creative macro pad and media deck, which is honestly the biggest reason why it is one of the best right now. The only issue we see with it is that its software can get a little problematic at times, but other than that, it is a PC gaming enthusiast’s dream keyboard. 

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum 

Close your eyes real quick and imagine a gaming keyboard. Done? Well, you were just imagining a Corsair K95 gaming keyboard. If a big part of your gaming setup is also aesthetic, the RGB lights on this thing will really fulfill all your needs. Other than that, it is not merely aesthetic and is pretty loaded in terms of hardware. Not everywhere do you have 8mbs of storage and a brushed aluminum frame that is normally used for aircrafts.  Yes, this is a little heavy on the pocket, but as you’re aware by now, most good gaming keyboards tend to be. 

Logitech G915 TKL Lightspeed 

The last thing you need in your gaming setup is a lot of cables. Things may look pretty cool on the surface, but underneath it is always a mess. The G915 TKL solves that by being completely wireless. It has a very good range of operability and a pretty good battery life at that considering it is filled with RGB lights. The speed of this keyboard is on par with any other wired keyboard if not more with a 1,000 Hz polling rate and 1.5 actuation distance. All in all, this keyboard should be your first choice if you are looking for a wireless setup. 

Corsair K65 Mini 

Normally if you are on a budget, not only do you want a cheaper keyboard, but it is likely you need something that is compact and fits your desks properly. Corsair K65 Mini does that with its ultra-compact design, which does not come with limitations on hardware. The hyper-responsive keystrokes go up to 8000 Hz polling rate, which is impressive because most full-sized keyboards never go up that high. Other than that, you have the option to customize your keys however you wish and are filled with RBG lights. The problem you may face with the Corsair K65 Mini is that you are probably not used to using a small-sized keyboard, so there is a pretty steep learning curve you need to overcome. 


As you can see, there are a lot of options to choose from. It ultimately depends on what fits your gaming preferences the most, whether you want something that fits your room aesthetic, or you want something that grants you a competitive edge. We would suggest doing more research on the best gaming keyboards before impulsively buying anything.

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