Why a Tesla Is the Best Car You Can Buy Right Now

Tesla was formed in early 2003 by a team of engineers who hoped to show that driving electric automobiles can...

T esla was formed in early 2003 by a team of engineers who hoped to show that driving electric automobiles can be more than a tradeoff -that electric cars can be faster, better, and more enjoyable to ride than fuel-run cars.

Fast forward to today, you might be wondering why a Tesla is the best car you can buy right now, and we have come with all the right answers.

Tesla now manufactures not just all-electric automobiles, but also renewable energy generating and storage systems that are endlessly scalable. The quicker the world will move away from fossil fuels and into a zero-emission tomorrow, Tesla thinks, the better.

It's the World's Fastest Car

The Plaid's most distinguishing attribute is its speed. The S Plaid Tesla set a "9.247-second" quarter-mile with famed automobile aficionado Jay Leno behind the wheel, reaching a trap velocity of 152.16mph. The Porsche Spyder and Bugatti Chiron Sport were beaten to the quickest quarter-mile recorded in history for a commercial automobile. What's more absurd is that the Plaid Tesla Model-S is indeed a large family vehicle.

Elon Musk says that the Plaid Model might be the first hypercar to cross the 2 seconds 0-60mph barrier, and also that this model might be so fantastic that the future Plaid+ has already been scrapped as a result.

Exceptional Business Model

Tesla used a novel way to get into the market. Rather than concentrating on building a reasonably inexpensive automobile that Tesla could bulk produce and sell, it focused on designing an attractive automobile that would generate greater demand for such automobiles. 

"If we could have [mass marketed] our first vehicle, we would have," Tesla CEO Elon Musk stated in a blog post outlining the business's purpose. "But it was simply impossible to do for a startup company that had never manufactured a car and had one technological iteration and no economies of scale." Our initial product would be costly regardless of its appearance, so we opted to design a sports vehicle, which appeared to have the greatest chance of competing with its gasoline rivals."

Unique Battery Chemistry

Tesla also utilizes unique battery chemistry, unlike other major manufacturers, using aluminum on top of the normal cobalt and nickel. Due to larger-capacity battery chemistry, researchers claim that the decision has resulted in the maximum distance, however, there were drawbacks such as a greater fire hazard and a lower life span across hundreds of charging batteries.

Other manufacturers have chosen manganese over aluminum, which has a lesser storage capacity, implying a shorter range but possibly extended life cycles, according to the experts.

The price for Tesla is that greater energy concentrations and higher-capacity polymers produce more heat, necessitating more complex cooling and heat management technologies to keep the battery alive, according to experts and analysts.

However, when batteries age, it's understandable that they grow less powerful, affecting the overall driving experience.

Their Employees Share Their Values

"Tesla's CEO is the consummate engineer and salesperson, so it's not surprising that he's gathered a staff that's extremely strong at both," Thiel, PayPal's co-founder alongside Musk, explained in the book Zero to One.

"If you are founding a firm or joining a company, the most essential thing is to attract amazing people," Musk stated during his address at USC about his perspective while assembling a team, "A company might be nothing more than a collection of exceptional individuals who have come together to develop a product or service. And the company's success will be determined by how skilled or diligent that group is, as well as how cohesively they are oriented on the same goal. As a result, do all you can to attract exceptional individuals."

No Compromises On Technology

Other vehicle manufacturers depend on Tesla's innovation; Daimler utilizes Tesla's battery packs while Mercedes-Benz employs a Tesla drivetrain, and Toyota incorporates Tesla's motor. GM has even set up a task team to keep an eye on Tesla's future actions. In R&D and innovation technology, the firm is just so abreast of the competitors that it's difficult to put them all in one category.

Tesla has always prioritized technological innovation and product development. Not just this but they also have entire teams devoted to research and development, proving that Tesla spends consistently to stay on top of the game.

Truth be told, Tesla is not a success that happened overnight. Sure, Musk had some hand in it but there are many more reasons why a Tesla is the best car you can buy right now. It is no longer the start-up it once was and is now a pioneer in the luxurious automobile sector. The firm was officially started by 2 engineers in Silicon Valley, Marc Tarpenning and Martin Eberhard, who had a dream to find a solution to fuel-run cars. 

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