What Workout Clothes To Wear For Yoga

Congratulations on finally taking the step to making better lifestyle choices by signing up for yoga. The first step is...

C ongratulations on finally taking the step to making better lifestyle choices by signing up for yoga. The first step is done and dusted. Now comes an equally important part, which is purchasing the best workout clothes for yoga. Concentrating on getting the different poses of yoga right is demanding enough by itself. If you’re uncomfortable because you didn’t know the right clothing to wear for yoga, then you’ll have difficulty in your performance. Being able to figure out the best workout clothes for yoga is essential to help improve your skills. You want to make sure that your outfit is comfortable, breathable, and allows for flexibility. It also depends on your individual preferences including the kind of yoga you practice. Knowing your body type and what you feel comfortable in is vital. In this guide, we’ve comprised the best workout clothes for yoga.  


Yoga pants come in various lengths, styles, and fits. What you’re looking for are plants whose material is comfortable, breathable, and flexible. You want pants that are not too tight but move with ease as you learn to master all the different postures of yoga. If you’re self-conscious about exposure when poses call for stretches and bending, opt for leggings with a high waist. It’s unlikely that it’ll slip during a fast workout session or ride low during poses such as the downward dog.


If you find yourself more comfortable with shorts, then a few brands make shorts specifically for yoga that are knee-length. This is helpful in inversion poses as it provides coverage. Some people prefer to buy spandex shorts, however, they’re known to ride up when you’re doing yoga poses and are not useful for coverage. Although, some people swear by them and think they’re a very comfortable choice with the amount of sweat as well as heat involved especially in hot yoga sessions.

Sports Bra

The type of sports bra to buy depends on your choice and how much coverage you need. A higher level of yoga requires you to practice poses with twists and upside down. If you’re opting for these classes, then obviously you need more support. However, beginner-level yoga classes require minor support. Many young women like to wear sports bras by themselves while working out, especially in sweat-induced classes.


Despite different styles, many yogis' favorite top to wear is a T-shirt that fits them well around their abdomen and hips. The narrow fitting allows you to feel at ease during downward and inverse poses since they keep the shirt from moving. For sweat-induced classes, shirts that are created specifically with moisture-absorbing material, breathable quality, and elastic seam are a good idea. Try to stay away from tags made of itchy material and shirts that scrape your underarms. Often special yoga tops have in-built sports bras too.

Jackets And Sweaters

Most adults have errands to run after class. Or you might just not be comfortable going out in workout clothes. Bringing a jacket or sweater for covering up your yoga outfit is a good idea. It’s particularly helpful in the winter season after you leave the yoga class in sweat. Having some additional coverage can help avoid the instant chill that the wintertime provides us with, especially after hot yoga.


Many people favor wearing socks during yoga sessions to help prevent their feet from sliding. The bottom of the majority of socks made specifically for yogis has plastic threads to prevent them from falling. However, if you feel suffocated wearing socks, you can always opt to buy a mat that does not slip or use a towel on your current yoga mat.

Breathable Undergarments

Yoga involves a lot of sweaty movements which is common for any sport. For this, you’ll want to wear undergarments that are comfortable, breathable, and are moisture absorbent. Something with a light material that is not too heavy on your body. You’ll especially want to avoid getting scratched from the material of your underwear.

In conclusion, you want to make sure that your outfit is comfortable rather than stylish. Try to stay away from baggy clothes, and get yourself form fitting yoga outfits. Your main focus should be a higher quality material that needs to be breathable. Remember that yoga is all about the connection of your body to yourself. While style is a personal preference, your main goal should be on mastering the poses. This guide should help you figure out the best workout clothes for yoga. Once you’ve mastered traditional yoga, you can even check out Aerial yoga which is speedily gaining popularity!

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