Useful Billing Softwares For Businesses

Billing is an extremely time-consuming part of a business. It requires focusing on a lot of details and keeping track...

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B illing is an extremely time-consuming part of a business. It requires focusing on a lot of details and keeping track of the multiple bills that are either received or sent from the business daily. Useful billing software helps track the bills, record any fluctuations, make payments more quickly, and allows the staff to be time-efficient at work. 

Listed below are just some of the billing software available in the market that can be suitable for a wide range of businesses.


One of the most recommended billing software in the market is FreshBooks

  • It offers pre-designed templates, time-saving payment processing systems, and also helps track invoices, among a list of other tools related to accounting that can be extremely useful for a business.
  • The invoices can be customized through the company based on their size. It also helps create recurring invoices that can be scheduled for a later time.
  • This software also lets the clients make payments using Credit Cards or through an online payment method, making it easier on the clients’ shoulders as well and creating a user-friendly experience. 
  • The software can be accessed through various devices, including tablets and the basic features of the software can still be accessed through the mobile application.
  • It is also able to integrate easily with at least 100 different third-party software such as Zoom and Gusto. The software has a 30-day trial with customer service provided to help make the transition to FreshBooks easier, after which various payment plans are available that start at $5.


  • InvoiceNinja is essentially an open-source company that provides businesses to manage up to 100 clients for free. 
  • For those 100 clients, there is an unlimited number of bills and quotes. This is based on the company wanting to provide small-scale business accounting services without having to spend much money. Due to this goal, over 150,000 use this software.
  • This software also provides clients with different payment gateway options, where the use of credit cards becomes possible. 
  • The software also supports over 50 different currencies and over 20 languages, making this software that can be used from anywhere in the world.  
  • The InvoiceNinja Pro Plan that would be needed for over 100 clients starts at $10 per month and gives the company extra features which include building a custom URL for the brand.
  • It should be noted that Invoice Ninja does have FAQs on their website, but does not offer phone support that could be required to set up the software.

Invoice Simple

  • This application was designed for business owners that are always too busy to sit at a desk. 
  • The software is 100% accessible through the mobile application that comes with it. 
  • It lets clients and the business owner make payments through Credit or Debit Cards and is currently working on accepting payments through other modes such as PayPal. 
  • One of the key features of this software is that it lets the bills be customized based on requirements, clients’ needs, and tracks invoices to analyze how the business is doing.
  • Customer service is also provided 24/7 to help make the transition to this software as smooth as possible.
  • The mobile application is easy to use and is an efficient way of sending bills and tracking them without having to sit in front of a laptop and draining the bank account to do so. 
  • One of the few downfalls of this software is that it might not help cover all the accounting needs of the company, in that case, it is best to go for different software. 
  • On a trial basis, only the first 3 bills are free, which usually has proven to be enough time to figure out the companies requirements related to accounting software. 
  • Subscriptions for the software are available for $7 a month or $60 for the year.

Whichever software is selected by a company should be thoroughly verified before any private information is uploaded, which is why password protection is always recommended. 

Most of the billing software uses cloud storage, which lets the company access the information from anywhere, which is also why it is important to make sure that there is a physical backup of the information available in case any problems arise. Each of the billing software that is listed above is some of the best billing software available.

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