Useful Applications Of QR Codes For Businesses

Do you run a small business or a big one? Or maybe you’re wondering how to utilize QR codes as...

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D o you run a small business or a big one? Or maybe you’re wondering how to utilize QR codes as an individual? Fear not! We have compiled applications of QR codes in this article which will give you important insight that will add to your knowledge, making you a better marketer for your brand!

Segmented Email Marketing

One can develop landing pages as well as collect email addresses with QR codes. Because these QR codes are still a new technique, those who register using them are generally early adopters, which means they're more technically adept and more responsive to email campaigns for marketing.

Individuals who can easily scan these codes are more inclined to utilize social media, therefore QR codes can help you increase the reach of your social accounts. You may also use custom-built landing pages corresponding to each code to ensure that people who scan ads for "blue jeans" are actually interested in these particular product categories. One could then direct visitors to a specific landing page for blue jeans-related items. If one has a wide range of products, this may be a highly effective strategy.

Curiosity Factor

Consumers are intrigued about what the QR code means/says/does since it is encoded. Because of this aspect of mystery advertising, more individuals may scan your QR code and wind up landing on your homepage who would not have achieved so otherwise. Because people are constantly exposed to URLs, QR codes may assist overcome the indifference that comes with them.

People may scan your code just because they're curious about how it operates, like any modern technology. You may also include photos in your codes to pique people's curiosity. Put these on shirts or cards to make a statement. QR codes attract attention and may help you get consumers and improve your reputation.

Social Sharing

You may create personalized tweets that publish to the user's Twitter account if they scan a QR code, allowing it to be easy for these users to promote your discounts and offers. If you have noticed advertising for a certain brand of cell phones that allows users to share photos to Twitter and Facebook with a single button press, this is something similar in concept, except that QR codes allow you to create a page to land on, and make it easy for consumers to share information.

In other words, if a user with a thousand followers scans the code on your business card, the result would be the same as if they went about handing out a thousand cards with your link. In fact, the result is much better since those followers may repost the content to their own followers, extending your reach even further.

Tracking Print Media

By establishing a tracking link and putting it in a QR code, businesses can better measure the efficacy of offline, traditional print media. The traffic of that particular link will be tracked as part of the campaign. Despite not being a perfect measurement, it is yet another option to collect data on the effectiveness of offline print media campaigns.

Customized Message Gifts

Whether it is the festive season or any special event such as birthdays, anniversaries, or wedding showers, QR codes may be used to send a sincere message or greeting to a cherished person in a unique and modern manner. You simply have to go to an online QR code maker, enter your text, and the rest is done by the software.

Direct App Downloads

When you scan a QR code that has been set to direct an app download, it will take you to the download page while beginning the process immediately. Businesses have utilized their imagination to create QR codes that stand out. They have been utilized in marketing campaigns for popular game apps like Angry Birds. Moreover, QR codes are sometimes used by apps to encourage community involvement. Snapchat and other social networking applications have generated specialized QR codes that allow people to add individuals quickly.

Location Navigation

Instead of manually entering your address into a navigation or maps application on their phone, users can simply scan your QR code. They won’t have to enter where they are or anything, the app will use the information from the QR code and the phone’s GPS to give the client accurate and precise instructions and directions, so they can safely reach your business or office.

Listed above are only some of all the applications of QR codes. There’s a lot you can do with them, whether it’s for your business marketing strategy or a cute gift for your best friend. In this day and age where everything is digital, QR codes have a lot to contribute.

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