The Unknown Basics of Dark Web!

The internet is vaster than the observable universe. But what an average human interacts with is the surface, the tip...

T he internet is vaster than the observable universe. But what an average human interacts with is the surface, the tip of the deep web. What lurks in the deepest parts of this so-called deep web is the forbidden world of the internet. But to access that, you need to know the basics of the dark web.

Opening your browser and searching up websites will surely take you to the deep web, but never the dark web where the unspeakable and darkest secrets lie. To see what lies beyond, and beckons those who want to twist the law or bend the rules a bit.

Do you also have the drive to dig deeper and go where most don't?

The part of the internet where you ended up discovering this article is by no means a restricted website. It does not contain secrets that people might discover if they search hard enough, yet secrets are precisely what people end up unearthing as they go deeper into the dark web, even the basics of the dark web are nefarious and tedious.

In the 1960s, a project was set up where a server went online on a network that had no storage drives, the project was named ARPANET, and it became the precursor of the modern-day dark web. In the earlier years, it was primarily used to transfer necessary information anonymously, but in modern times the dark web is used for illegal activities that are meant to be kept hidden and private.

The basics of the dark web are easy to learn as the dark web is nothing more than hidden websites and communication platforms that exist without Ip addresses which means that their origins can not be tracked. This, for most people, falls under the category of 'knowing less is better'. One search or two will provide almost anyone with enough information to access the dark web easily but taking in that information might take years or longer as the deep web is vast. The following information is the compact version of what most people might need to know before accessing the dark web.

How Can You Get In?

One can access the dark web in several ways. It all starts with TOR, which is a closed source browser that masks and hides the IP address of all the information which passes through the browser, dividing it among all the servers which mix it with information coming out of the surface web. Only specific search engines such as DeepPeep, Scirus, Intute, and Deep Web Technologies can access the dark web through the TOR browser. Even being able to examine these secure websites is enough to prove that one has adequately acquired the basics of the dark web. Websites on the dark web are just like all the other websites but mostly contain illegal and eerie information deemed inhumane. Using TOR has not yet been declared illegal anywhere in the world.

What Mysteries Lie Hidden, Tucked Inside The Forbidden?

People use the dark web for multiple reasons, but because it hides one’s identity, thus also masking their intentions, it can reasonably be inferred that the dark web is mainly used for illegal activities. The two widespread activities are child pornography and drug smuggling, and both are illegal. Multitudes of personal information can also be found on the dark web being sold by well-known massive conglomerates. Personal opinions of people living in countries that sanction public speaking, chemicals that have been deemed hazardous and illegal, endangered species, and harvested organs are some things that one might come across while on the dark web.

Who Might One Find Dangling On the Dark wWeb?

Military organizations, naval forces from around the world exchanging unauthorized information, high-ranking army personnel, politicians investing in illegal businesses, and governments circulating information with each other, carrying out tasks that would otherwise be prohibited. Journalists, activists, and revolutionaries are also common as public opinions are sanctioned in modern times; people are executed if they raise their voices against injustice. These people started by learning the basics of the dark web and have become fluent in carrying out their designated tasks.

As someone goes deeper into these lies that cover the dark web, one must be ready to face the consequences, thus are you ready to delve deep into what most consider unnerving, or will you stop before it's too late?

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