The Best Destinations in South Asia

The countries in South Asia such as Maldives, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, and Nepal share many similarities; the main having...

T he countries in South Asia such as Maldives, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, and Nepal share many similarities; the main having a deep root in their cultures, meaning whether someone is looking to find historical sites, or explore with a sense of adventure, or even just look for gorgeous places to photograph, the South Asian region has it all. Here are the best destinations in South Asia.

Mirissa, Sri Lanka

In southern Sri Lanka lies an old beach town that grew popular and quickly rose to be known as the new surfing and whale watching spot. The city offers the perfect balance between calm days and lively beach nights. The town is situated just 150km from Colombo with blue shores, boats, and palm trees along the coast. 

Picturesque locations such as the iconic and widely-known Coconut Island and Parrot Rock are also nearby. 

Kathmandu, Nepal

Known for being the city of peace, Kathmandu lives up to its name. The country's capital is a must-visit spot for any traveler. With trekking equipment available in Thamel or visiting old buildings in Durbar Square, the city is filled with warmth and activities to keep anyone busy all day or night. 

Travelers will not only find adventure but also spiritual awakening through the serenity of centuries-old monasteries and temples. 

Paro, Bhutan

Home to over 140 monasteries and temples, some of which date back to the 14th century, Paro is a must-go place for anyone. Paro is a humble small town located in one of the widest valleys in the region. Travelers will see houses built in the traditional ways from centuries ago along with one of the most iconic monasteries like the Tiger's Nest built on the edge of a high cliff in the city. 

The city is built along the edge of the Paro Chhu river. Over the years since the city was first built in 1985, it has come a long way. 

Manali, India

Located in the Himachal hill stations, Manali is a great getaway spot. It is perfectly situated to give anyone gorgeous views year-round with cool breezes or snow. It has become a popular spot for workations too. 

There are also plenty of chances to trek, also making it a great spot to explore this side of the Himalayas. With towns like Kallu nearby, travelers also have the option of going rafting in the Parvati River. Due to better transport systems now in the area, other cities are also a short drive away giving people the option of paragliding, hot air balloon rides, and skiing. 

Person Standing on Terraces

Hunza Valley, Pakistan

Hunza is known as one of the most exotic places in the country. The area continued to rise to popularity after Covid regulations were decreased as people were desperate to get out of their homes. Spectacular views and snow-covered mountains can be seen from the valley such as Rakaposhi which stands tall at over 25,000 m.

There are plenty of old structures in the area, such as the castle of Baltit, built over 6 centuries ago, or the Buddha figure carved in a cliff dating back to the 8th century.

There are plenty of places to eat and adventurous activities in the area such as mountain biking, hunting, swimming, and camping under the stars. 

Old Dhaka, Bangladesh

Old Dhaka is a place for a traveler that wants to experience a new way of life. The city is always in full throttle with densely packed streets with cycle rickshaws. 

The local bazaars are full of different odds and ends or antiques here and there; it helps that the people of the city are incredibly friendly. 

One of the highlights of Old Dhaka is the Sadarghat Riverfront, a chaotic port where tourists can take a trip along the Buriganga River in rowing boats.

Gaafaru, Maldives

When anyone thinks about the Maldives, they think of an expensive vacation. However, since many of their local islands have been open to visitors, you won’t have to spend too much money. Gaafaru is one of the many local islands where tourists can relax and swim to their heart’s content. With multiple places in a short boat ride distance where dolphins and sea turtles can be spotted and shipwrecks that can be explored. There are local music nights, colorful houses, events taking place throughout the year, making it one of the best destinations to explore in South Asia. 

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