Most Popular Vlogger Pranks Of All Time

You must have come across compilation videos of numerous pranks being played on people whether it be random strangers or...

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Y ou must have come across compilation videos of numerous pranks being played on people whether it be random strangers or people who are known to the pranksters which definitely make you crack up. Pranks have always been a fun way for most of the current Youtubers and vloggers to keep their audience entertained. 

We have here some of the most popular vlogger pranks of all time, which you can watch and have a good laugh with. You might even try these on some of your friends, record them, and put them up on social media for people to watch and appreciate.

FouseyTube’s Spiderman Prank

Yousuf Saleh Erakat, also known as FouseyTube, is an American Youtuber who makes videos of different genres with some of them being comedy videos where he pranks people. His Spiderman prank video has yet to be one of the most famous vlogger prank videos having over 172 million views. 

In this video, he decided to ask the parents of young Spiderman fans to bring them to the park without telling them what was going to happen. He pretends to interview these children while someone dressed up as Spiderman shows up and talks to these children. Seconds later someone dressed up as Venom shows up and this is where the video takes a hilarious turn as we can see tiny children beating venom up and running after him.

Roman Atwood’s Anniversary Prank

Roman Atwood who started his career around 2009 has been known for his outrageous prank videos and vlogs which he regularly posts on Youtube. One of his most famous pranks that went wrong, having over 94 million views is the Anniversary prank video. This video was posted on November 20, 2013. 

In this video, he is celebrating his 5-year anniversary with his girlfriend and he decides to prank her by telling her he cheated on her. He can be seen pacing around stressfully during the start of his video and starts his confession about cheating on her 3 weeks ago when he was in L.A. His girlfriend starts crying and confesses that she cheated on him as well. This is where the prank starts to backfire and Roman starts getting angry until she tells him she was also pranking him. 

John Ferguson’s “Scaring People In a Chucky Costume” Prank

John Ferguson is a Youtuber born in Erin, Ontario, Canada, with Achondroplasia Dwarfism who decided to spread positivity and joy through his videos, which often get over 100 million views. He is mostly known for his comedy videos, which also include prank videos. 

One of his most famous prank videos has been the “scaring people in a Chucky costume” where he, along with one more person, wears a Chucky costume and scares random North American people in streets, a parking lot, grocery store, etc. One of the funniest interactions is with this woman in a grocery store that tells them that they need to go somewhere else before they get kicked in the face by someone. This video has over 46 million views on YouTube.

Jesse’s Hot Pepper Extract Prank

Jesse is a Youtube channel that was made by a couple who have, although split up now, were known for playing pranks on each other. Their prank vs prank segment with their videos receiving billions of views. One of their most famous prank videos is the Hot Pepper Extract Prank, which has over 44 million views on Youtube. 

Jesse buys a hot pepper extract, which is only supposed to be used as an ingredient and not for sauce purposes since it is ranked 2 million on the Scoville units. He puts this sauce in the sushi for his girlfriend, which she starts having and eventually starts to feel the burn. She goes from chugging down milk and having bread to downing spoonfuls of ice cream to help with the heat until it eventually calms down.

Alexa Riverra’s Fake Butt Prank

Alexa Riverra, more popularly known as Lexi Rivera is an American Youtuber and Tiktoker, who rose to fame through her brother Brent Rivera’s famous vine videos. On June 7, 2020, she uploaded a youtube video where she pranked her friends by wearing butt pads which were huge, and recorded their reaction. She fakes making youtube videos featuring her friends while shifting the focus to her butt so her friends can see it and then comment on it. This video has over 8.4 million views on Youtube. 

These are some of the pranks that gained a lot of popularity on Youtube!

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