Latest Trends For Home Furnishings

People were forced to stay indoors for long periods, which also meant people were working from home. These latest trends...

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P eople were forced to stay indoors for long periods, which also meant people were working from home. These latest trends for home furnishing show home settings had to be redesigned to make them function as a living space and work environment. Home spaces now had to not only be luxurious but also functional for zoom meetings and required a workspace table that includes more than just a desktop. 

There are all sorts of areas that people have in their rooms such as a corner that is specifically designed for working and other activities while also having a more minimalistic clean look across the house. 

Color Of The Year

Colors are used as a critical form of communication. They are used as a base for many home designs and inspire many designers. The color chosen by Pantone for this year is Gray. A color that is meant to represent balance and neutrality.

Indoor Greenery

Due to the lack of being able to go outside and get fresh air and see greenery. People started opting for plants that can survive indoors. Not only do these plants provide greenery, but plants also bring a sense of calmness while also being easy to care for. 

Dark Shades

Dark hues have been growing popular for a while as they tend to be the perfect backdrop for all sorts of colors and paintings. They are expressive and give everything to pop out against it bringing life to a room

Durable Fabrics

With everybody being told to stay indoors, having durable fabrics to make furniture items and bedsheets is essential, as getting them fixed or finding alternatives when ruined can become a problem. With everyone being indoors, the fabrics should be washable multiple times as they are used often.

Postmodern Furniture

People have started to bring back 80s style geometric furniture. The odd-shaped comfortable furniture that comes in a variety of pop colors is not only eye-catching, but it brings a dramatic effect into whatever room or corner they are placed in.


Printed and plaid fabrics are coming back to fashion as they continue bringing people flashbacks of happier times and comfort. They also give the home a rustic outdoor aesthetic. They are highly durable and go well with simple decor and cottage core aesthetics.

Earthy Palettes

Gray might have been chosen as the color of the year, neutral brown shades and greens have started to make a statement. People are drawn to these colors as they continue to help soften harsher deep colors, going well with almost all shades. These warmer neutral shades help give the illusion of a bigger room and go well as a base for all sorts of designs.


Pinterest has seen a spike in cottage core as this becomes a popular style for interior design in the past year. This aesthetic has a comfortable and homely feel to it that brings a sense of nostalgia to people in these trying times. The countryside inspiration is not only affecting interior design and such brings and styles are now used in clothing and furniture.

Textured Furniture

Surfaces are no longer designed to be smooth. The texture is now an important part to consider when setting up a room and choosing fabrics. Furniture is now included in this list as well as ranges are available for cabinets, beds, and countertops as texture brings a little life to these things.

Living Walls

Also known as green walls are walls covered in sustainable plants that help bring outdoor greenery into our homes. These vertical gardens also purify the room air and help keep areas cool and bring a lot of greenery. They can last for years if they are taken care of properly. The plants used in these are generally lighter plants with shorter roots to prevent them from spreading out of their space.

Kitchen Pantries

With everyone always at home, having food available 24/7 has become important. Without people spending less on going out to eat or even grocery shopping during this pandemic having a pantry set up has helped cut costs. Having a pantry that can store dry produce, cold items, and racks to store cans and bottles has become essential in the house. With the kitchen becoming a gathering point in the house for the entire family and becoming a central point, having a decent-built kitchen is one of the latest trends for home furnishings.

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