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Is Medicinal Marijuana the Right Choice For You?

Is Medicinal Marijuana The Right Choice For You?  If you suffer from chronic pain or anxiety, you may be wondering...

I s Medicinal Marijuana The Right Choice For You? 

If you suffer from chronic pain or anxiety, you may be wondering if medicinal marijunana is the right choice for you. But before you can make that decision, let’s explore its properties so you can make an informed decision. 

Marijuana is the name given to Cannabis sativa, one of the most in-demand substances for drug use in the world. But there are different sides to this story. While a lot of people use this drug for recreational purposes and addiction, research has shown that marijuana can present substantial positive effects in the body, if taken properly. 

How is Medicinal Marijuana Produced? 

The hemp plant is most commonly used for the production of medicinal marijuana. It has over 100 active substances. The major culprit in causing the “high” that users report while using the drug is THC, which stands for tetrahydrocannabinol. Other components also cause many other harmful effects on the body. 

However, one major substance, called CBD, is beneficial to the body. A lot of research has been conducted on this component, and if extracted properly, it can bring healthy changes to the body. Many patients, who started using CBD for medical purposes, reported significant changes with rare altercations in their consciousness level, meaning that CBD without THC is advantageous to the body. 

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Uses of Medicinal Marijuana

So, there are plenty of reasons for you to choose CBD for some of your health problems. Medicinal marijuana has a limited number of benefits, so it won’t affect everybody in the same way. Therefore, it is important to do your research and then choose for yourself. Here are some of the proven medical uses of marijuana:

1. Painkiller

Whether it’s a physical trauma or a disease within the body, pain is one of the earliest symptoms that can occur. Pain is classified into different categories on the basis of intensity, frequency, and other parameters. Therefore, it is important to know medicinal marijuana can work on which types. 

CBD is quite beneficial for chronic pain that lasts for a very long time. While it isn’t effective for high-intensity cases such as a fracture or after surgery, marijuana can provide some relief to patients who are experiencing pain as they age. It can also provide better effects than some medicines which can have harmful side effects for some patients. 

2. Muscle Relaxant

Marijuana can also have a drastic impact on neurological symptoms. For patients that experience nerve pain, this substance can give a lot of relief. As they do not induce a high in patients, there are many positive reviews where they could resume activities without experiencing the harmful effects. 

In addition, it is also a great muscle relaxant. People who suffer from Parkinson’s disease have extreme tremors in their hands. These do not cease and tend to worsen as the disease progresses. CBD can reduce these tremors greatly, and many other trials have also proven its benefits in conditions where chronic nerve pain was a major symptom.

3. Nausea and Weight Loss 

One of the most common complaints that patients present with to a doctor is nausea. It is a common finding in some of the simplest and the most complex diseases the world has ever known. Medicinal marijuana can provide quick relief from that feeling, enabling patients to feel better without any hallucinations or feelings of being high. 

 Another common symptom of many diseases is weight loss. CBD also has some great effects on the body, causing positive changes in the patient’s appetite, thereby enabling him to continue his diet and prevent significant weight loss. It is advisable for conditions like AIDS and some cancers. 

4. Psychiatric Distress

 Quite strangely, CBD can improve a patient’s mental condition. These days, it’s common to find patients that have different mental health problems. It can even cause them to lose focus and attention, and promote negative behavior. Marijuana has been called very effective in treating patients with PTSD, especially those veterans that are returning from active combat duty. 

5. Other Benefits

Apart from these important applications, medicinal marijuana also provides betterment in a number of other conditions. It is of substantial importance in patients suffering from intestinal diseases, such as irritable bowel syndrome. Furthermore, it can also be used to treat glaucoma. Marijuana also finds use for muscle wasting in conditions linked to HIV.

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