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Renting Airbnb properties has become popular in recent years as this study shows, and will continue to steadily increase in...

R enting Airbnb properties has become popular in recent years as this study shows, and will continue to steadily increase in demand. Staying in a hotel might be fun, but knowing how to pick the right Airbnb has numerous advantages of its own. You can have a beautiful place with a view, be close to all the attractions you want to visit, have your own kitchen, and all of this while saving money.

Here are the best tips to pick the perfect Airbnb to save you from the misfortune of missing out on the best vacation experience! 

Find The Perfect Location. 

Where you stay can either make or break your vacation. That is why it is crucial to keep in mind that location matters. Would you like to stay near the beach? Do you like city noises? Are you more of a wildlife person? You will have to research accordingly and see what matches your vibe. Also, if you select the wrong location, keep in mind the added cost of transport and the frustration. 

If you don’t have much idea about the location, then do a city-wide search using the built-in app feature in Airbnb and try to find clusters of Airbnbs. These would help you choose the popular areas. Then, look at the description mentioned, and you will know more about the area, restaurants, and attractions around it. 

It’s important to remember that location matters, especially in a country or city you know nothing about. 

Read The Rules

Never forget to read the rules for each listing! Sometimes, some rules might give you an unpleasant surprise later. For example, some places do not allow pets or children. Others do not allow smoking.

If you have a pet or are a smoker, you need to go over the rules to pick a place that fits you best. Having to re-book a new place can be a major hassle if you are traveling with family and luggage, and also cause monetary loss.

Check The Reviews Out 

It is crucial to see what others have experienced while staying at the same place. Always try to book a property with promising reviews. Make sure to read the detailed ones discussing the pros and cons of getting that Airbnb. Try going through all the reviews to check whether there is a recurring problem with the rental and if the host has addressed it. 

Try getting Airbnbs with Superhosts, as they have been identified as the ones with brilliant hospitality. When searching for different listings, you can apply the filter to show you listings with Superhosts only. This is helpful if you want to have a fantastic trip without any undesirable and unexpected experiences. 

Pictures Can Be Deceitful 

Airbnbs can also catfish you too, so be careful while scrolling through the pictures. Some listings might have professional photos, while others might be rusty and taken from a phone or by a lousy photographer. 

Always try to look at the reviews that mention the house's aesthetics, as sometimes properties with bad photos turn out to be gems, and the ones with mesmerizing pictures turn out to be a complete disappointment. 

Try searching the property on the internet and see if you have any matches or any other pictures that can help you decide if you want that Airbnb or not. 

Make A List Of Your Preferences 

Have a checklist that states all of your preferences and expectations for an Airbnb with your allotted budget. Do you like having a full kitchen? Do you need a living room? How many bathrooms and bedrooms do you require? Try to list down the significant aspects that matter to you as this will help you decide on the perfect Airbnb. 

Also, try to figure out what kind of space you want. You will have to check off the ‘Entire Place’ option under Home Type for an apartment if you prefer living by yourself. If you don't mind living with someone, then check ‘Shared Room’ for more affordable options.

Get An Airbnb That Fits Your List

To conclude, choosing an Airbnb listing might be different for everyone according to their needs, price, location, and more. But, always remember to do a proper check before booking an Airbnb because that can make or break your vacation. 

Figuring out how to pick the right Airbnb can be easy once you get the hang of it!

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