How To Lead A Simpler Life

Even if you don’t live in the city, having access to and being constantly exposed to the internet and social...

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E ven if you don’t live in the city, having access to and being constantly exposed to the internet and social media can take a toll on your health. One minute you have control over your life and seemingly the second you blink your eyes you get stuck in a complex and draining lifestyle. So how to lead a simpler life?

It is never a bad idea to take a step back, slow down, and allow yourself to get lost in the sheer simplicity of everyday experiences. If you’re looking for some help with that, look no further- keep reading to see life from a new, more fulfilling perspective.

Make Time For Yourself

You must be thinking that it's impossible to make time for yourself, especially in this day and age. However, by making a schedule and keeping track of your time, you can easily find ways to entertain yourself, by yourself.

Prioritizing your comfort over reluctantly doing things you don’t want to will easily allow you to lead a simpler life since you’re the only person to spend the entirety of your life with yourself!

Reduce And Declutter

If you have a busy life with an even busier work schedule, you’d probably want to come home to a nice and quiet environment to settle back into. Having a lot of accessories at home can be tiring to deal with.

Try cleaning out your home down to essentials, and if that sounds like a daunting task, start with your bedroom. Just cleaning up your room may sound like another pointless activity to make your life simple, but when there’s less traffic in your space you will be able to let go of your worries and feel much lighter.

Keep Your Circle Small

Constantly having to keep up with your friends and family’s lives sounds rather exhausting. A major part of relationships is communication and involvement, which can easily make your life more complex if you have a larger social circle.

It’s not a bad idea to have a lot of friends, but more friends means more gatherings and catching up with each other. Keeping your circle small will not only free up your time but also help you stay focused on yourself and your needs, so you can progress towards a worry-free life.

Keep Track Of Your Expenses

Freeing up mental space for simpler living is a great choice to make, but you can work on your lifestyle too!

Instead of going out every week try making plans once a month and spending your free time at home. Spend your day off by putting on a fun movie and watching it all day in your pajamas rather than going out partying. This will lower your expenses and let you take a step back and recharge yourself for the day.

Look For Entertainment In Little Things

You don’t have to make elaborate plans and book time-consuming events to enjoy yourself. Take a walk in the park near your home and get in touch with nature. Read a book or just meet up with your friends! Entertainment doesn’t always have to be expensive.

Joy can be found in the smaller things in life too, and when you start finding yourself to be happier without the need for intricate plans, life starts to get simple.

Be Straightforward

A lot of the time relationships go down the drain because people keep dancing around each others’ feelings. It can be difficult, but once you start being more honest and open with your feelings, a weight gets lifted off your shoulders. 

Doing something you don’t want only complicates matters, try being upfront and sooner or later you’re living a simple and healthy lifestyle without any obstacles!

Having A Simple Life Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Have Fun!

If you are holding yourself back from moving towards an undecorated lifestyle because you fear it may end up being boring or plain, no need to worry! Sure, there may be instances where you just want to get more involved in the drama or do something extravagant for yourself. 

You can always give yourself a treat or two, but as you start to learn and experience the joy of having a basic lifestyle, the need for luxury just disappears. Just follow some of these tips to learn how to lead a simpler life!

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