How To Choose The Best Car For Safety

Winter is coming! That usually means getting snuggled up with your friends and family. Whether you’re the one visiting or...

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W inter is coming! That usually means getting snuggled up with your friends and family. Whether you’re the one visiting or hosting a party for your relatives, the need to make sure everyone is safe is ever-present.  

As the weather grows rough, the worry increases tenfold as well, but fear not! Provided below are some important features to look for in vehicles to ensure you have the best car for safety.

Look Up Test Scores

If you’re purchasing a car for the first time and aren’t sure what factors are most important in a car, one of the easiest ways is to search its crash test scores. All you have to do is choose some cars you like, and type in their make and model in your search bar to find out their crashworthiness!

Usually, test scores create an overall rating based on different features of the car, so you won’t have to look up each aspect individually and can save time.

Check For Anti-Lock Brake Systems

If you live near rough terrain or in a region where rain is rather unforgiving, an Anti-Lock Braking System might as well be the most important feature for your car to have. 

Without ABS, your vehicle is more prone to skidding and at risk of an accident. When you face an obstacle and the driver pushes the brakes, the tires lose their functionality and halt to a stop. This prevents you from maneuvering the car and bringing it to a safer location.

On the other hand, the anti-lock braking system provides wheels with sensors that use brakes with a pulsing mechanism, which allows the driver to brake and the ability to steer at the same time.

Day-Time Running Lights

Safety is one of the most prime concerns people have when purchasing a car. If you are a little paranoid and want to go the extra mile to ensure protection, look for daytime running lights. 

These are lights that turn on automatically when you start your car. Their purpose is not to light up the road ahead of you, but rather to make the profile of your car more visible to nearby drivers to prevent accidents in the daytime.

Airbag Availability

Seatbelts are a great measure of safety, but having airbags doesn’t hurt either. They come with sensors that trigger the bags to inflate within milliseconds to reduce the chance of trauma and injury in an accident. 

Having only a seatbelt could also increase the risk of accidents occurring; for example, a driver may drive recklessly if they know a seat belt is available to protect them. Even if that isn’t the case, having extra protection isn’t so bad. Look for front and side airbags to ensure the safety of the driver and passengers alike.

Heated Side Mirrors

Another one on the list of rather unnecessary but useful nonetheless. A heated side mirror, in comparison to a normal one, makes sure that your mirror is free of condensation. In any other region, this may seem excessive, but if you travel frequently in areas with heavy rainfall or snow you’ve hit the jackpot!

The heat from the mirror will easily melt off snow and remove water droplets, ensuring a clear view of your surroundings.

Back-Up Camera

In the age of science and technology, having an extra set of eyes to guide you is never a bad idea. This is a camera system mounted on the back of the car, providing the driver footage through a screen on the dashboard. This will help reduce the number of accidents caused while parking.

Facial Recognition 

Staying in the lane with the wonders of technology, having an application for facial recognition is a fantastic approach. 

Not only will it keep the vehicle itself safe, but also ensure the safety of the driver. With this feature your car can remind you to stay up, and alert you if unauthorized personnel try to get into your car, preventing car thefts. 

Final Verdict

It is rather difficult to find a car that ticks off all requirements on your list. However, protection is an aspect no one can make a compromise in. Therefore, look for these features to make sure you have the best car for safety.

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