Here’s How To Get Funding For An App Idea

You might have a game-changing concept for the upcoming major app. However, without proper funding, your winning software will most...

Y ou might have a game-changing concept for the upcoming major app. However, without proper funding, your winning software will most likely never see the sunlight. We have compiled ways on how to get funding for an app idea in case you are wondering how to realize your dreams.

Unlike a company startup, when the business person is aware of exactly what they want to do, application developers have no notion about these things when they're first starting out. Most programs go through a lot of changes and editing that the end product looks nothing like the original concept. As a result, putting together a formal business strategy and seeking banks for financing becomes extremely difficult.

Find A Co-founder

There isn't a more reliable source of cash than your personal savings. Isn't it a little unfair to expect people to contribute to your brilliant concept if you can't afford the money to put in it yourself? When your app is in its early stages, personal loans, bank savings, credit loans, and family and friends are all completely acceptable sources of cash. You don't have to endure it alone all of the time, though.

Find the ideal co-founder who can take on the burden of establishing a new application. Co-founders are much more than confidantes or shoulders to cry on in difficult times. Choose your co-founder depending on your requirements. Without paying for outside developers, a co-founder who is tech-savvy may help you construct and design a model of your application from the ground up.


Crowdfunding is a very appealing fundraising option for companies that lack the financial means to get their ideas off the ground. Hundreds of application and business ideas go undetected and underfunded on crowdfunding platforms, yet the correct pitch for your dream software might offer a jackpot. You are guaranteed adequate cash to get your dream off the ground in exchange for a small service charge from the site you are using to crowdfund and another minimal transaction fee for the processor of payment.

You can choose from a variety of crowdfunding models. Kickstarter, the most popular crowdfunding platform, is, unfortunately, one all-or-nothing website. This implies that after you've established your financing goal, you'll need to meet it in order to avail the funds. If you don't meet your goal, the donations will be returned to the investors. Indiegogo, however, offers flexible and also fixed financing choices, which means that if someone doesn't meet their goal, they may retain their money in exchange for a bigger service charge. Application-specific crowdfunding services such as AppSplit and AppsFunder are also worth considering.

Raise Your Own Donations

Although crowdfunding is one of the fantastic approaches to obtain rapid funds, it does, however, come with a number of drawbacks. There's a lot of competition in the market, and many people find it difficult to stand out in a big ocean of want-to-be entrepreneurs. Then there's the slew of fees you'll have to pay in exchange for the money you've requested.

You can create a money contribution form in minutes using a tool such as 123ContactForm. Furthermore, it readily interacts with a variety of payment processors, such as Stripe, PayPal, FreshBooks, and Braintree, to make launching a self-owned crowdfunding campaign an easy one-stop thing.

Try Your Luck In A Contest

There's no way you haven't watched the entrepreneurial TV series Shark Tank if you want to be an entrepreneur in today's connected world. The successful program has given away more than 44 million USD in investment throughout its 5 seasons, making it an entrepreneur's dream turn into reality.

There are several contests sponsored by colleges, technology businesses, angel investors, and other organizations that provide emerging entrepreneurs with the tools they need to realize their company plans. Choose from thousands of contests throughout the world by visiting Biz Plan Competitions. You may even take a closer look at a contest around your locality to discover more about how you can enter and win financing for your app.

Final Thoughts

Depending on how deep you are in your app idea development stage, you can select a funding tool of your choice. Different features are available for each choice, and obviously, depending on your choice your business model for your application will change too. Make sure you weigh your pros and cons properly when you pick a choice. Listed above are ways for you to know how to get funding for an app idea, but make sure you figure out what works for you best before you delve into selecting an option.

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