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There are many tax software for all sorts of businesses, whether it’s a small-scale company or one of the largest...

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T here are many tax software for all sorts of businesses, whether it’s a small-scale company or one of the largest in the country. They come with a variety of features and tools that make the entire process easier for any company. Sure, hiring an accountant is also a way to go, however, using software instead gets the task done at a fraction of the cost.

All these software have features that help in pointing out any issues that can arise in filing for returns or even possible deductions that would have gone unnoticed. 

After reading this, using tax software will seem less daunting.

Tax Software In The Market


This is software that works only for corporations online. It is also one of the very few tax software that can prepare taxes for S corporations or partnerships on Mac Online. This also means that the consumer can choose between online or downloadable software.

The online software also allows filing taxes online for C corporations, S corporations, and partnerships as well. While TaxAct provides constant unlimited support for any tax-related questions from professionals through email and phone. 

One of the unique features of this software is that the company offers a package that starts at $200 for bundling business and personal taxes.

The online software still needs to be polished here and there, however, it is very easy to follow and assistance is available for any help. 

Liberty Tax

The company has offices across the country that can help consumers file their taxes. For those who prefer to do this from home, there is online software available. The Online Liberty Tax software is known for fast processing. The simple returns can be filed and processed within 15 to 20 minutes. The process starts with choosing what kind of tax needs to file and after that step-by-step guidance is also provided. Tools are available for a range that starts from personal tax filing to small-scale business tax filings giving options of different forms. Liberty Tax software also offers support for all the users by not only providing help through calls and email, a user can go to the offices in person to get help from tax professionals.

The company also has many courses available online and in the offices about taxes that can help any individual or company to get the most out of tax returns. This has over time proven to help people who have just started doing their taxes and will continue to do so over the years. 


A company founded in 1965, started offering consumers a do-it-yourself tax software in 1998. This is a popular choice for the self-employed as the software itself is cheap and very user-friendly. This works best for those who earn through 1099 or who need to finish a schedule C. 

The edition TaxSlayer self-employed has a starting price of $55 and any other charges depend on different available features.

The self-employed version also provides help from a tax professional to answer any questions that could arise while filling forms. Not only is technical support offered, but there is also help available 24/7 through live chat, email, and phone.

The mobile application also allows filing the forms and helps set reminders in phone calendars for different taxes that are due throughout the year.

The charges on this software start from $50 for federal tax, with separate chargers for others.

H&R Block

H&R Block is a highly trusted name in the tax preparation companies as it has been around since 1955. The software itself has a straightforward and user-friendly interface, there are versions available for different corporations and small-scale companies as well. 

The online version of the software also lets the consumer include the information from the company taxes in personal tax filing without hassle. The software also provides guidance and shows the process step-by-step to make paying taxes a lot easier. The software also has helped in providing live chat and email support from tax professionals to lessen the burden on the software consumer. H&R Block prices start at $70 for the Premium Online version with different paid packages for different company types and needs. This easily makes it one of the most helpful tax software for businesses in this year alone. 

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