Cybersecurity: What are the Best Privacy Apps?

Looking for the best privacy apps? More than ever before, now people are concerned about preserving their privacy online especially,...

L ooking for the best privacy apps? More than ever before, now people are concerned about preserving their privacy online especially, because of the upshoot in cookie tracking, data collection, and fraudulent apps that directly try to access your information. There are preinstalled settings in your device that you can activate to boost privacy, or better yet, you can use Virtual Private Network (VPN) service. You can also use passwords and authentication software but, if you wish to secure yourself, even more, these are the best apps you can download.

Best Privacy Apps for Android

Another day, another breach in your data? These best privacy apps for your Android smartphone or tablet will make it more convenient and easier for you to ensure the safety and confidentiality of your device.

Express VPN

You can use a VPN specifically, meant for android, such as Expressvpn. It will conceal your IP address from the sites you visited and will also hide the apps you use from your internet provider. It is dependable and speedy while having 160 server locations in 94 countries.

Keep Your Media Safe

Additionally, the best privacy apps include KYMS which is an app that gives the impression of being a calculator where you can solve sums. However, typing a unique PIN and password opens an encrypted vault where texts, images, and videos can be secured. It also has a built-in browser from where you can directly download online videos and store them in the vault. 


One of the best privacy apps includes Orbot which enables you to access the Tor network via your android device. If you use it in conjunction with the Orfox browser, you can surf the web freely without worrying about any site tracking you because your connection is heavily encrypted. It is also passed through several computers.

Duck Duck Go

This app functions as a drop-in alternative for your default search engine. Hence, the searches you make are not passed on to other websites and this search engine makes no record of what you stream or look for. Additionally, it is ad-free.

Black Ipad on White Table

The Best Privacy Apps for iPhone

If you wish to stream online privately, or if you need cybersecurity for your iPhone, or you want to find the most suitable app lock for your tablet, this is the perfect list of the best privacy apps that you can install.

Find My iPhone

This is a reputable app, through which you can track the location of your phone at any time. You can also lock your device remotely and delete all data to safeguard your privacy if you fear someone has stolen your phone. Also, if your phone is lost somewhere at home and it is on silent, you can easily locate it by using this app to play a song at full volume.

Duo Mobile

This is one of the best privacy apps for your iPhone. It provides a smart two-step authentication code to give maximum security to your data. It restricts exposure of information by using granular and contextual access policies. Hence, it is an ideal app lock for people with high-risk data.


People also consider this as one of the best privacy apps for the iPhone. The app lock by Locker is perfect for securing your most precious apps. Place the apps that you would like to secure in the Locker and close it after which it can only be accessed via facial recognition. In addition to concealing valuable photos and videos in this app, you can also safely keep entire apps in here! You can also change the icon of the Locker app so it looks like a calculator or calendar instead.

Note Lock

This cool app hides your private notes by letting you keep a personal diary on your phone. It is safeguarded from intruders by having a passcode and a pattern lock. If someone makes an incorrect algorithm, the time, date, and a photo of the intruder are saved right away.


Sidestepping hackers and outsmarting malicious apps is difficult but, with the help of these best privacy apps, you can make a difference and establish cybersecurity for yourself. Hence, you can watch all the movies you want without jeopardizing your privacy.

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