Best Destinations To Explore In East Asia

The bucket list gets filled to the rim when anyone takes a look at what the East Asian region has...

T he bucket list gets filled to the rim when anyone takes a look at what the East Asian region has to offer. With amazing street-side food, bustling cities, and sandy beaches, there is something for everybody to enjoy. The best way to explore any city in this region is to walk and find the hidden treasures that many do not often know about. 

Tokyo, Japan

Being one of the largest cities in the world, Tokyo is quite fast-paced. Flashing billboards and crowded streets can overwhelm anyone at first. However, this proves to be a fun challenge to many tourists as they try to find their way through the city, exploring something new and exciting happening at every corner. 

The city where technology continues to advance, museums and historical sites are no less, and the natives to the city continue to care for them, making them key highlights for tourist visits. When in the city and on the street, there are many places to go see, such as the Tokyo National Museum or the old spiritual Sensoji Temple.

Similan Islands, Thailand

Similan is one of the 9 islands that still carry their Malay roots with them. A national park present on the island is considered a World Heritage site. Some of Thailand’s most amazing and unique marine life is present in the area along with this being a haven for birdwatchers. For those who love trekking, multiple hiking paths can provide endless adventures every day. 

Considering that Similan is an island, there are many truly amazing diving spots with coral reefs that go back at least 5000 years, along with rare fishes, sharks, and sea turtles. 

Seoul, South Korea

The political heart of South Korea is also known for its culture and busy lifestyle. The richness of the history is throughout the city in the form of palaces, monuments, and various landmarks. Seoul was ruled over by many dynasties over centuries that have left their marks and symbolism across the country. There are multiple neighborhoods where anyone can go from drinking at a bar to a high-end clothing store to buy the latest style in the ever-so-changing city. 

Everyone knows about the war between North and South Korea. The relationship of Seoul with the war has also been enshrined in the well-known Korean War Memorial to take the person through the history of the war. 

Shanghai, China

Not only is Shanghai the most populated city in China, but it is also the most populated on the planet. This city helped bring China to where it stands on the economic ladder. Not only is Shanghai important in the economic world, but the city itself has also been standing for over 20 centuries, bringing along historical sights and memorials, making it an amazing tourist attraction. Places such as Oriental Pearl Tower and the Shanghai Museum help the tourists see how far China has progressed, whereas places like Jade Temple and Yuyan Garden take tourists back in time to how things used to be.

Shanghai counties to show tourists in a way that how far things can go, while the roots can stay intact. 

Pattaya, Thailand

If people are looking to get away from a hectic life and party, Pattaya is the place to go. The party hub is located in the Gulf of Thailand as it continues to grow and earn the infamous label. The nightlife in the city is loud and exciting as intended, with different bars and clubs of various themes spread across the city keeping people on their toes. For those that do not enjoy clubbing, there are plenty of cabaret and burlesque shows taking place on weekends that keep people entertained. Along with the busy nightlife, there are plenty of beaches for quiet and calm nights with a range of other attractions such as botanical gardens, exciting theme parks, and tons of water sports that take place day or night. With all these activities and many more leisure activities, Pattaya is an ideal location to travel to, whether that is with family, friends, or even making a solo trip. 

These are just a few of the best destinations to explore in East Asia as it is such a vast region where there is so much to explore that it can easily take a lifetime or more.

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