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A Guide To The Best Gaming Mouse

You might’ve seen some mouse with some jacked-up prices and wondered, "Why use that when you can use the $5...

Y ou might’ve seen some mouse with some jacked-up prices and wondered, "Why use that when you can use the $5 one?". Well, having the best gaming mouse can make some great differences to your whole gaming and PC experience. Not to mention, with all the Cyber Monday and Black Friday sales going around, there's no better time to buy a good mouse for yourself and save up some money.

It is pretty incredible how far the mouse space has changed over the last year. Aside from weight reduction, we’ve been seeing the return of the classic design which we all had at some point in our lives but with some modernized guts along with some pretty serious design with tempered glass skates, wireless mice with battery life so long-lasting, it’ll surprise you how long this thing lasts. 

Today, we’ll give you some of my recommendations for the best gaming mouse that you can find in the market to take your gaming experience to another level.

Razer DeathAdder V2

The Razer DeathAdder V2 uses Razer’s Focus optical sensor which has a DPI of 20,000 which can be adjusted with the help of the Razer software. To put it into simple terms the bigger a mouse’s DPI, the better it is. 

With Razer’s latest technology, they can give us flawless tracking which helps a lot in gaming and makes lives easier when shooting a moving target or just keeping up with them. At the end of the day, it is a wired mouse but a wired mouse with 6 buttons, a USB interface suited for Right-handed, and with a weight of 82g. Starting at the price of $69.99 but you’ll be able to find it for a better price with all the sales going around.

Razer Orochi V2

Next on the list, we have Razer again but this time, it is the Razer Orochi V2. It is a perfectly small wireless mouse that is nicely balanced by the interior ergonomic design in which the battery compartment is angled. You have the option of using either AAA or AA batteries for weight customization. 

The USB dongle hides away inside the body if you are using it in Bluetooth mode and not the wireless connectivity mode. The mouse has a comfy shape which is lighter with a better scrolling wheeling with a DPI setting of 18,000 with 6 programmable buttons with a weight of less than 60g. This one also starts at $69.99 but I'm sure you’ll get a good price thanks to Cyber Monday sales. 

Logitech G502 Lightspeed

Now we would like to introduce the lightest addition of the Logitech G502 family, Lightspeed. It is the new wireless mouse that comes at a premium price, but if you are willing to pay for it, you'll get some premium features like additional weights, up to six weights exactly, which gives you the ability to adjust the weight profile according to your preference. The ergonomic design of this mouse makes it suitable for all sorts of grips and a pretty similar design which comes along with Logitech’s Hero sensor giving us access to 16,000 DPI. 

Not to mention, that you have the option of never charging your mouse again if you are willing to buy the Logitech Powerplay wireless mouse pad, which lets you charge it without having to plug it into a dongle. With all these premium features, this mouse comes at a stacked up price of $120 on amazon but hey, don't forget that you'll always be able to get it at a better price with all the sales going along.

Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro Wireless

I’m gonna be honest with you, It’s not every day that you’ll get to use a good wireless gaming mouse; they are pretty hard to come by. Nobody likes it when their pointer is lagging behind mouse movement and sometimes, it even gets on my nerves during an intense gaming session. 

Corsair has done everyone well with Dark Core RGB Pro wireless with a 1 microsecond response time which is extraordinarily low when it comes to wireless mice. Corsair also allows you to customize the RGB light to your liking with the potent software that it comes with. Though all of this comes with a catch and that catch is that this mouse favors gamers with palm grip instead of those with a claw grip. The main difference between a palm grip and a claw grip is that in a palm grip your entire hand is on the mouse. However, in a claw grip, your hand is on the mouse but the fingers are curled to give you a claw-like grip. If you are a palm grip user, you’ll fall in love with this mouse and how nicely it fits into your grip.

And there you have it, use the best gaming mouse for your next gaming session to make sure you win! 

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