8 Trending Mukbang Foods And Why They Have Become So Popular

Watching someone eat a large amount of food on camera has a pleasing effect on the viewer. Mukbang, in simple...

W atching someone eat a large amount of food on camera has a pleasing effect on the viewer. Mukbang, in simple terms, means watching someone eat. If you’re perked up at the idea of creating your own mukbang videos, then keep reading to find out the trending mukbang foods to try out and participate in the trend.

Initially, this trend stemmed from the Asian countries, but recently it has become a sensation on the internet. So now, all over the world, content creators are experimenting with mukbangs that are culturally relevant.

What is Mukbang?

Mukbang is a combination of two Korean words that means “eating” and “broadcasting” in English. Essentially, it means when video creators make live content of eating a large number of various food items on camera while generating ASMR and interacting with the viewers.

Ready, Set, and Eat!


Ramen is one of the most favorite mukbang foods that the viewers like to see. The texture of the ramen noodles allows the sticky sauce to shine on each ramen strand, making it look extremely succulent. Moreover, the slurpy noises generated while eating the ramen noodles help create a perfect ASMR video.


Plates of seafood are also a recurring food item in mukbang videos. They are popular because of their diverse taste range and variety of different sea animals. Usually, fishes, oysters, prawns, crabs, squids, lobsters, shrimps, and octopuses are seen being devoured by the content creators. The sound of the crab shell cracking and exuding delectable juices is what makes mukbang so satisfying to watch.

​Korean Rice Cake

Korean Rice Cake, or generally known as Tteokbokki, is one of the favorite choices in the Mukbangs. These are famous and can be found in almost all Korean restaurants, but the good news is that they can easily be made at home with the help of Tteokbokki sauce from the market or a home-prepared version with gochujang. Moreover, eating these rice cakes is a slurpy business, making them perfect for an ASMR.


There is hardly anyone who doesn’t like piping hot pizza with melted cheese and a plethora of different kinds of toppings. Pizza is the ultimate food item in mukbangs due to the variety it offers. Moreover, eating a pizza is easy, especially when the dough is thin and crispy. The mukbang videos often have pizzas with different flavors, making it delightful to watch and curb the hunger cramps. 

Rolled Eggs

Rolled eggs are usually the appetizers in the mukbang food menu. As the name suggests, a whipped bowl of eggs is poured on a heavily buttered pan. Then the eggs are rolled and cut into bite-size pieces that can be eaten through chopsticks. You can add cheese, scallions, and spices to your omelet before rolling them up to elevate the taste profiles.

​Korean Fried Chicken

Korean Fried Chicken is one of the most scrumptious dishes of all time. A crispy fried, moist chicken covered in sticky, spicy sauce -what’s not to love? The best thing about Korean fried chicken is that it’s spicy and not heavily battered, making it better than American fried chicken. In addition, the crunchy sounds made during the eating make it all the more pleasurable for the watchers.


Sushi is the fancy portion of mukbang food. It is a Japanese dish prepared with rice and a variety of seafood cooked in vinegar. Sushi is fun to make at home and adds complicated layers and classy aesthetics to the mukbang menu. Moreover, they are usually cut in bite sizes, enabling the eater to eat them within 10 seconds maximum. 


Pancakes have enjoyed being the most special item on the breakfast menu in many cultures for centuries. Apart from having a fan shape, the exciting part about pancakes is that they can be made in various ways with different food items such as meat, berries, dry fruits, etc. In addition, they bring the color in the mukbang menu and allow for a lot of fun experiments.

To wrap it up, you can make your own mukbangs by trying out these trending mukbang foods while recording yourself on the camera. Remember, interaction and ASMR will draw the audience in. So, relax and enjoy your mukbang meal on the camera.

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