Best Destinations to Explore in Turkey on Your Next Vacation

Turkey is a country that’s rich in history with its landscapes covering beautiful mountain views and beaches. It’s a gateway...

T urkey is a country that’s rich in history with its landscapes covering beautiful mountain views and beaches. It’s a gateway that interconnects Asia and Europe. The fact that it connects west and east is the reason for its multicultural diversity. Its assortments of cultures are what make Turkey so appealing to tourists. Not to mention its delectable food, along with numerous religious sites, and archeological monuments. Whether you wish to soak up on history by wandering around the ruins like Ephesus, or witness panoramas in Cappadocia and Pamukkale, Turkey offers a variety of locations to visit. We’ve comprised a list of the best destinations to explore in Turkey for you below.

Museum Of Hagia Sophia

One of the best destinations to explore in Turkey is the museum of Hagia Sophia. It’s considered to be the most striking building in Turkey. It was built in 537 CE, by a Byzantine Ruler called Justinian. The exterior consists of an astounding bulk surrounded by minarets which were an addition made following the Ottoman invasion. The extravagant interior is an outstanding souvenir of old Constantinople's strength and command.


Another historical must-see location is the monument of Ephesus, which remains in ruins. Ephesus remains one of the ruins that’s complete and still-standing, as a reminder of the grand life of the Roman Empire. It’s thought to be as old as the 10th century, but the monument you witness is from the Roman era when it was a flourishing center. Particularly, Celsus’s Library, Grand Theater, and the complex terraced houses show the prominence of the Roman era. It’s the perfect place for a history nerd to spend all day exploring this grand site.


Nothing is more relaxing than a gorgeous setting with ‘fairy chimneys’, thin rock cones decorating the rock sites of Cappadocia. As if fairy chimneys weren’t enough, there are also cave churches, underground cities, and homes carved into rocks, which give it the whimsical aura of a fictional world. One of the most popular activities to do is book a ride on a bright hot air balloon, overlooking the rocky terrains. The dreamlike rock valleys in Cappadocia are a dream for every photographer to capture.


The capital of Turkey is a modern city that consists of embassies of foreign countries, government structures, businesses, and universities. Since Ankara is located in the center, it’s a vital transport hub that links tourists and locals together. Ankara also offers arts, historical locations, and some fabulous restaurants. The Roman Theater, Citadel, and Augustus’s Temple are the monuments that stand out to tourists to sightsee.


Due to the vast Mediterranean coastline, Patara is beach heaven because of its illustrious sand. The shoreline trails for eighteen kilometers, which means massive beaches, allowing privacy even in busy seasons. The massive ruins of Patara’s ancient city consist of a refurbished parliament and theater that can seat up to five thousand people.

Valley Butterfly

To get your bohemian fill, visit the charismatic Valley Butterfly where you can lounge in hammocks, drink to your heart’s desire, and enjoy music and a bonfire at the bar. It’s one of the best destinations to explore in Turkey. You can also enjoy activities such as hiking mountains, paragliding, exploring marine life with snorkeling, and camping.


While traveling to Turkey, you can’t miss out on Istanbul. It’s known as the main city that has all the shopping plazas and unmatched glorious attractions. The Ottoman Empire considered Istanbul to be their third capital. The city of Istanbul is known as the most beautiful city. Everywhere you go, there are places to explore and history to immerse.

Oludeniz’s Cerulean Lagoon

Perhaps one of the world’s most untouched splendor is Oludeniz’s Cerulean Lagoon. This is where dreams come true of witnessing heaven on earth with unmatched turquoise waters. As if the striking hue of the blue waters weren’t enough, the lagoon offers a fabulous underwater life. All underwater activities are available with a chance of witnessing seahorses and turtles.  

Turkey is one of the most exciting destinations one can explore. There are multiple exciting things to do in Turkey. The Grand Bazaar offers a unique experience in shopping. You can do plenty of activities as well as get lost in the city’s diverse culture. Surely you’ll get your fill of the best destinations to explore in Turkey.  

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