7 Best Tiktok Trends That Every TikToker Should Try

Going to clubs and long drives is so last year. In today’s world, it is all about spending time on...

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G oing to clubs and long drives is so last year. In today’s world, it is all about spending time on your comfortable couch and scrolling for hours on TikTok. It is a fascinating world full of entertaining videos and challenges. So, if you are excited about seeing the best content, make sure to check out the best TikTok trends. 

Who knows, you will also be a convert after reading about these trends. Just remember, there are no winners and losers on Tiktok, it’s all about having fun and feeling good about yourself!

Art Vs. Artist 

Artists are one of the world’s most underrated groups of people. The discourse about giving artists recognition for their work has been in the works for years, but TikTok made it possible for the first time ever. Of course, not everyone can be Van Gogh and have their pictures in history, but this TikTok challenge makes sure that every artist has the platform. In the art vs. artist trend, the artists post a picture or a video of their art along with their photos. This trend has harnessed a supportive community in the TikTok world.


TikTok might be a platform where billions of users go to unwind during the mindless scrolling hours, but it is surprisingly also a great learning tool. The app is full of hacks, tips, and random knowledgeable facts that can turn your life around. This trend of spreading knowledge in a fun way is relatively new, and TikTok deserves most of the credit for it. Moreover, this learning with the TikTok trend ensures that the knowledge about topics with the stigma attached to them is also included in the mainstream discourse. So, really, this app is one and for all.

“Understood The Assignment”

If you’ve seen the phrase “understood the assignment” used everywhere on the internet, then let us confirm that it is initially a TikTok trend. Moreover, it might be one of the best trends on the app because of its positive reinforcements. 

This trend works like an ultimate validation given to anyone who has tried their 200% for a task. That is to say, they went up and beyond to get it done. This trend is all about appreciating the dedication of such people. And, to be honest, in a world full of despair, we could all use some positivity.

“Tell Me Something Without Telling Me” Challenge

Some trends have no particular context. They fit in anywhere and everywhere as long as they are entertaining. “Tell me something without saying it challenge” has become one of the most top-tier TikTok trends due to its stimulating and fun nature. Basically, to participate you need to say something without actually saying the exact words. Most people give very personal examples that hundreds of other people relate to, making it all the more fun!

3D Aesthetics

All those looking to use TikTok as a marketing tool should definitely know about the 3D aesthetics. This feature allows the transformation of single pictures into three-dimensional montages and gives them a more realistic touch. This filter is perfect for making immersive and alluring content for the audience. Most TikTok users usually dub their 3D montages with Playaphonk’s hit Phonky town and add the hashtag #3DPhotoEffect.

Thrift Flip

With climate change being the new hot topic, TikTok has taken it upon itself to curb the disasters by fighting fast fashion. Ever heard of thrift shopping? Well, 1.9B people on TikTok definitely have. This trend allows the creators to showcase their talents by shopping from the thrift stores, picking out the coolest clothes, and turning them into more fun. This trend has encouraged millions of people to change their lifestyles and shop from thrift stores to save the planet.

Runaway Filter Challenge

A Norwegian singer Aurora released a song titled “Runway” in 2015, but like many other old songs, TikTok discovered this gem much later in 2020. After this, the song went viral on the app as it accompanied a cool filter that allowed the user to stand against the sky and pose. Much like a silhouette challenge, this filter enabled people to take stunning silhouettes against graphic skies. Due to its great aesthetics, the runway filter went viral on Instagram and Tiktok like a wildfire.

The bottom line is that all the fun is under the trends hashtag. So sit back and relax, and don’t miss out on the best TikTok trends.

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