5 Ways To Reduce Office Lunch Expenses

It is well known that in this rapidly evolving world, we are faced with many issues regarding job opportunities and...

I t is well known that in this rapidly evolving world, we are faced with many issues regarding job opportunities and wages, especially in a world plagued with the CoronaVirus. Over the past two years, people have predominantly been unemployed for long periods of time. Learning ways to reduce office expenses became very common because there were many personal losses and a penchant for saving up and reducing additional costs.

According to the World Economic Forum, the Covid-19 virus has caused over 114 million people in the world to lose their jobs. That too, just in the year 2020. It is safe to say when a person finds a career in this nearly dystopian time, they are quick to grab on to the opportunity. While doing so, they are unable to fully assess entirely other factors they should be considering- such as the office environments, facilities, and benefits.

However, here are some quick and easy ways we have stirred up to save up on your office lunch expenses that are logical and easy to apply to your daily lives. So, allow us to hop right into it!

Calculate As You've Never Done Before

First things first! Though it may be tricky business, it is imperative to calculate your weekly food costs. Start big and slowly make your way to the expenses that remain hidden in the nooks and corners. That being said, estimate your monthly expenses first. How much do you spend on food? What exact food rituals do you follow? Whether or not there are "luxury" foods you indulge in daily that you do not necessarily need. Be consistent while doing so, and do not discard your cash receipts once you purchase them. If you realize coffee is essential for you every day and takes up a huge role in your office lunch expense, search for cheaper alternatives. Once you've done enough research, you'll find something promising and can switch!

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Scroll, Scroll and Scroll A Bit More

Another way you may save up on your everyday lunch costs is through simple internet skimming. Look for groups or pages on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. Most of the time, you would find food reviewing communities with a group of people always hunting down cheap places that you can get food from. Besides those, you may also find pages by small-scale individually owned food businesses or homemade-food restaurants that often prove to be significantly cheaper than generic restaurants and cafes.

Those Portions Need Some Working

Another somewhat trickier cost-reduction method during office hours is planning out your portions. This is also beneficial for you if you are health-concerned. In a world like ours, it would make sense if you do not wish to spend your money on fast food items and add them to your calorie count while mostly being seated on an office chair for over 8 hours daily. By understanding portion sizes, you are reducing additional food costs by not overfilling your plates with the food you will inevitably not eat.

Put In A Little Effort And Prepare Your Meals

One of the easiest ways to reduce cost is by using cookbooks and self-meal preparations. It is no rocket science to look up delicious, easy-to-cook meals online. Life has also gotten significantly more manageable through the ready-to-cook meals and instant ramen noodle options available for no more than a few dollars at your nearby grocery stores. Head out and bag yourself easy lunches that make your life easier and keep your pockets happy.

Be Creative With Your Scraps

Lastly, never throw away leftovers or old scraps. Save fruit peels and vegetable skins. Have bread that has gone stale? No issues! Save it, turn it into breadcrumbs, and use it for the next pretend gourmet parmesan chicken you cook at home. Use the meat from your take-out and make your own recipes out of them. However, make sure you do not mistake "stale" food for food that has gone bad. That would take away from all your efforts.

That being said, these are all the different ways you can allow your pockets to shake hands with your lunchtimes at your office. Now that you know all the ways to reduce office lunch expenses, it's time to practice! 

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