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What Are The Benefits Of Regular Exercise

Getting out of bed in cozy mornings is especially harder than summer mornings and we stay in our dreamland instead....

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G etting out of bed in cozy mornings is especially harder than summer mornings and we stay in our dreamland instead. But science has proven time and again that exercise can prevent many diseases from plaguing our bodies. Here are some benefits of regular exercise to motivate you to jump out of bed now!

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Research has proven that regular exercise minimizes the chances of a heart attack in an individual which can be very sudden and fatal. How exactly does it do that? It helps maintain the cholesterol in our blood so our arteries don’t harden and the blood flows easily through them to nourish your heart and it continues to pump blood throughout the body. Any problem in this process can have a deadly outcome like the clogging of arteries and damaged valves. Many of these are preventable just by a regular jog around your block in the morning or evening! So the saying ‘Prevention is better than cure’ really applies to this situation.

Management Of Weight

Regular exercise can help you manage your weight if you are looking to get fit and in a better and healthier shape, although sometimes weight is not all about reduction but about managing your metabolism as well. Exercise can help both kinds of people and it also gradually helps build muscle like toning your legs or chest depending on the kind of exercise you opt for because there are plenty out there to fit your liking!

Not Too Sweet For You

Do you happen to enjoy sweets more than an average person and also carry a family history of diabetes? That’s not exactly good news. But we can turn the situation around and let you know that regular exercise can help you battle diabetes so you never have to deal with the disease itself.

Running, jogging, yoga, or any other exercise which keeps you moving helps increase the sensitivity of receptors to the hormone called insulin in your body. This means that the chances of you developing diabetes decrease and that’s something to be celebrated! We would suggest you do so with a sugar-free snack.

Defeating Hypertension

Just like Diabetes, many people have family histories of hypertension which can also be augmented by stress and which is why it should be prevented in the first place. When you exercise regularly, your resting heart rate decreases, also decreasing your overall chance of getting hypertension later in life. 

Stronger Bones

Regular jogging or running can also help you with developing stronger bones as it increases the activity of the cells which are responsible for building up your bones called osteoblasts. Hence your bone density increases as well as your overall strength. This also means your protection against falls increases and lowers your risk of sudden fractures. Clumsy people especially end up getting fractures just because they’re not careful enough but having stronger bones and muscles will solve this problem

Stress Management

Exercise releases hormones named endorphins which generally make you feel better about yourself as well as life. They are released in response to the pain your body feels due to the exercise and can cause a euphoric feeling. Some people even say that you can become addicted to exercise and it can be just like marijuana but instead of damaging your health, it does the opposite, it increases your average lifespan!

Better Sleep

Can’t sleep at night and you have to wait for hours before sleep finally comes to you? Regular exercise is the key to making you just the right amount of exhaustion that you sleep within a few minutes of your head hitting the pillow. As it also alleviates feelings of anxiety and stress, many people have been proven to sleep better with simple exercises.

When Not To Exercise

Be mindful of exercising if you are pregnant or suffer from a chronic disease in which case the plan may backfire and cause more harm than good. People with herniated discs should also ask their respective doctors before starting any kind of exercise since many tiktokers have taken to social media with exercises that are harmful to the body.

Statistics prove that people who exercise regularly are less prone to diseases and falls. The benefits of regular exercise far exceed any problems you may have with it (getting out of bed), so grab those sneakers and let’s get started!

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