The Best Sci-FI Shows in TV History

It's reasonable to think that with Hulu, HBO, and Netflix around the block, TV shows are currently in their golden...

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I t's reasonable to think that with Hulu, HBO, and Netflix around the block, TV shows are currently in their golden era. But if you're seeking to immerse yourself in the finest sci-fi universe, then the best sci-fi shows in TV history have definitely been around for a while.

While many genres of tv have created outstanding series over the last few decades, the sci-fi category has gotten the biggest boost. Both in terms of rising viewership and technological advances such as CGI and other special effects that help bring rich and complex sci-fi storylines to life.

Rick and Morty

This Cartoon Network sitcom depicts the transdimensional exploits and home life drudgery of aging scientist Rick Sanchez with his adorable, neurotic grandson, Morty Smith. It was developed by Dan Harmon, who also produced "Community." Unfortunately, "Rick and Morty" has become synonymous with its most toxic, sexist fans, who attacked the show's female writers, crowded McDonald's in search of Szechuan sauce, and acted like online trolls. No reason to allow a few rotten apples to ruin an otherwise entertaining, innovative, and mind-blowing comedic sci-fi masterpiece.

Orphan Black

This genre-defying psycho-thriller about cloning was so dedicated to its far-fetched idea that it hired a scientific adviser to keep its wacky genetics in check. The BBC America drama began with a scarily realistic premise: the monetization of women's bodies by those in charge. Tatiana Maslany, a skilled performer capable of sliding into the flesh of 11 distinct personalities, as Orphan Black's actual hidden weapon. Thanks to whip-smart writing and that compelling lead performance, a play that might have grown mired in a million theories remained compulsively engrossing.

Love, Death & Robots

"Love, Death & Robots," an animated anthology series comprising 18 independent episodes, is a close version of 1981's animated sci-fi feature "Heavy Metal."  Each segment of the Netflix show is developed by a distinct cast and team, resulting in a series that is a mishmash of animation styles, storylines, and quality. Despite this, the program has received 5 Emmy Awards.

Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica is among the most well-known and well-received science fiction series of all time. The first season of the TV show aired in 1978, and it was relaunched from 2003 to 2012. Films, mini-series, web series, prequels, computer games, comics, as well as a board-game have all been released along the road.

The story follows the last surviving humans as they fight the Cylons, an extraterrestrial species that is assaulting them. The storyline hook is that the people are looking for the Thirteenth Colony, also known as Earth, which has been missing for a long time. The program even coined the term "holy frak" as a new swear word. 


In a sci-fi sandbox, Osmosis examines a new element of human technology: dating apps. This French-language series attempts to answer the age-old topic of how to discover the formula of love via a science experiment. The participants in the study are given a dating app that can scan their brains for the best fit for them with 100 % accuracy.

The app, it turns out, goes much too deep and discloses some of everyone's darkest secrets. Finding the love of your life by following the shortest path imaginable definitely costs the characters a pretty penny, but it makes for a great storyline.

Brave New World

It's surprising that this one took so long to receive a TV series adaptation since it's based on Aldous Huxley's classic 1932 dystopian book. The tale revolves around an ideal society that, on the surface, seems to have attained peace and stability by violating privacy, wealth, families, tradition, and monogamy... until all hell breaks loose. Adapting one of the world's most famous science fiction novels for the big screen was a difficult feat. Unfortunately, NBC terminated the series after just one season, despite its remarkable scale. However, this Brave New World may not be over yet, since it may move on to pastures new.

If we had to pick our personal favorites, it would definitely come down to Doctor Who, Westworld, and Black Mirror—but to eliminate our personal bias and to give you a more diverse, critically acclaimed feel for this curation of the best sci-fi shows in TV history, we resisted the burning desire to do so.

Still, if you're looking for a sci-fi show to binge-watch over the weekend, we double-swear that starting with Westworld could be the wisest decision you've made all month.

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