Latest Web Designing Trends You Should Know About!

There are no trends in this world that last forever. This is especially true in the field of web designing....

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T here are no trends in this world that last forever. This is especially true in the field of web designing. One day a trend will be at its peak and the next day it's already gone and that trend from 5 years ago is back. This is probably not very apparent for everyone but as a web designer, it will be very helpful for you to know the latest web designing trends, so that you can be prepared beforehand and be able to design a website that will ensure a great user experience.

Horizontal And Vertical Text 

We are sure everyone’s familiar with horizontal texts, but what about vertical texts? It's when websites have a text that goes down vertically which makes things a lot more interesting. This trend became popular more around 2016 as web designers thought it was a unique and new way to enhance aesthetics. This trend has yet to falter and is a very great way to mix things up and add more dimension when things look too unoriginal. 

More Colors And Illustrations

A lot of the trends revolve around being unique and standing out. You can do this by adding bright colors to your front page. Adding brighter colors will make the user's experience more memorable. You can also use different color schemes to your advantage by using dull colors for areas you don’t label as important and adding bright colors to the points you want to highlight. 

There's also been a shift from the trend of minimalistic websites with a simple design to more illustrations. Many companies are looking for illustrators and graphic designers to make them creative and original illustrations for their brand. This helps add more individuality and personality to your website. Of course, some brands are better suited to more dull colors and minimalistic style but if you want to stand out then you should consider adding brighter colors and illustrations. 

Original Fonts

Original hand-drawn fonts are a great way to establish your site's originality. It creates a certain atmosphere according to the font style you decide to go with so it can go with whatever aesthetic your brand holds. It's a trend that can benefit everyone if utilized correctly and isn't just for a specific genre of brands and companies. Adding fonts to certain areas can help create emphasis on certain points. Adding a customized font is a small change but it can create just as big of a difference in originality and creating your website's identity.

Use Cinemagraphs 

Cinemagraphs are like gifs, however, they are designed much differently. Gifs are much older and not very high in quality while cinemagraphs are short but high-quality videos that play in a continuous loop. Gifs first became popular in the early 2000s and in 2011 2 artists came together to make a cinemagraph that is exactly like a gif but better in quality and in general too. 

Adding cinemagraphs is a great way to add movement to a solid page. It piques the user's interest and no matter what your brand style is, you can always find or create a cinemagraph suitable and it will always work. Although you should always be careful to use a cinemagraphs and not a gif since they are not suitable for websites. 

Asymmetric Web Design 

This may be a more unconventional choice as it hasn’t become that common yet. However, it's great for creating a completely unique and out-of-the-box experience that will make it memorable as well. This design isn't for every brand though. Due to how unconventional it is, it may look messy if you do it wrong and it doesn’t match with every aesthetic. If you are, however, able to match an asymmetric web design for your brand aesthetic then it can be very useful as users will have a lasting impression of the unique design. 

Bottom Line

You need to study the latest web designing trends very diligently as they go faster than they come. It’s always great to experiment with different web designs but you need to make sure that it matches your brand or company aesthetic and will be taken well by your target audience. User experience is more important than staying with the trends. 

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