A Guide to Making Friends While Traveling

There are many aspects of traveling that make it memorable. The culture, the scenic locations, the food, and just the...

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T here are many aspects of traveling that make it memorable. The culture, the scenic locations, the food, and just the simple conversations from strangers turned friends. Making friends while traveling, especially as an adult, can sometimes feel embarrassing and scary, especially if you’re typically the type to keep to yourself. Here are some tips on how to make friends while traveling.   

Be Approachable

This is the most crucial aspect of making friends out of strangers. It comes naturally to some but can be very difficult for others, so don't feel discouraged. If you're a more introverted person you may have some habits that make you unapproachable. Avoid slouching since that can make you look disinterested, bored, or not open to talking to others. Keep your head up and keep a warm smile on your face so people like your energy and want to approach you. There's also certain body language you may display subconsciously such as turning your body away from the person or crossing your arms. This also makes you seem like you’re not open to a conversation. Show excitement when you can. If you're having a good time, show it!

Join Travel Groups Online

This method is a great way to connect with other travelers who are also looking for travel companions or friends. Whenever you travel anywhere, just search online if there’s a travel group and if anyone from it is willing to meet for coffee or sightseeing. You can also figure out where all the must-see spots are and ask for recommendations, and maybe you can even meet them there. This is also great in the case of an emergency or if you need help, there will be someone to assist you. 

Stay In Hostels 

Staying in a shared unit is the easiest way to make friends while traveling. Many times, most people who stay in hostels are also solo travelers and end up traveling to tourist spots together. You should also hang around in shared spaces so you can interact with other people and not just your roommates. If you’re a woman traveling alone, there are many women-only hostels that you can look for, if you want a safer option. All-female hostels are known to be cleaner too so that's a plus. It's important to know that if you ever feel unsafe for any or no reason, it's ok to leave and look for another place. You should always prioritize your happiness and safety while traveling.

Walking Tours 

Now if you’re only traveling alone because you couldn’t find anyone to go with, a travel group is great for you as you can make friends within your group. If you are planning to go alone for the freedom, you can look around for walking tours. One can find them easily online through a simple search. If you want a quick overview of all the best places where you’re going, this is a great option. Walking tours mostly consist of tourists so it's an easy way to meet new people who are willing to travel with you. A simple ‘where are you from’ or ‘what spots have you seen’ can be an easy and effective way to start a conversation in case you don’t know what to say. 

Use Traveling Apps

There are many apps you can use to meet up with other tourists in the area. There are apps to help better your solo traveling experience in every aspect so don’t be afraid to use apps to find people to hang out with. There’s an app where locals offer their place to stay for a night for free, and an app where you are connected with locals willing to show you around. There's also an app for solo female travelers if you want to meet someone but you want to be safe. Of course, if you choose to meet for the first time, make sure it's a public place for safety. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.  

You may see that there’s an emphasis on safety. This is to remind you that it is okay to put your safety and comfort over other people's feelings, especially as a solo traveler. However, don't be intimidated, solo traveling is not that dangerous, and making friends while traveling isn't that hard, there are always people willing to help if you ask. Have fun traveling!

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