6 Best Classic Black And White Movies To Watch

When we think of the old cinema, the image of black and white movies is the first thing that appears....

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W hen we think of the old cinema, the image of black and white movies is the first thing that appears. With immense technological advancement, watching older movies has become more possible and convenient; you can even download them online! 

Whilst some may indulge in the classic cinema to learn more about historical cinematography, to see their favorite actors in their prime, or to learn a thing or two from the monumental moments in the cinema history, the reasons to watch the best classic black and white movies are many! 

To offer you the best of the best, here are six of the finest classics we recommend you to watch now.

1. All About Eve (1960)

All About Eve is an American drama film that was based on Mary Orr’s short story called the “The Wisdom of Eve”. It is written and directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz and stars Bette Davis as the lead.

The movie is one of the greatest screenplays ever written in the history of cinemas and follows a sophisticated yet funny story of an aspiring actress. 

The theme of the movie is companionship, betrayal, ambition, and manipulation. Sounds hopeful and heartbreaking? That’s pretty much how the life of the main character in the movie feels. 

In the cinema world, the movie is credited to have inspired the modern-day soap opera writers as it portrays an honest and unapologetic image of female wisdom. 

2. Sherlock Jr. (1924)

For the Sherlock Holmes fans reading, this one is for you! 

Directed by and starring Buster Keaton, Sherlock Jr. is an action-comedy featuring the life of a theatre projectionist and janitor who wishes to become a detective. 

In the movie, Buster plays the leading character for whom, his wish to become a detective is kickstarted after a rival has stolen his girlfriend’s father’s pocket watch. 

Overall, the movie is an easy and fun watch that shows what it must have been like for an individual belonging to the lower-income class to have dreams and passion. 

For this reason and the acting by Keaton himself, the movie is celebrated as one of the best classic black and white movies of all time. 

3. She’s Gotta Have It (1986)

Centering on the life of Nola Darling, She’s Gotta Have It is a relatable movie for female and LGBTQ+ millennials who wish to feel inspired!

This award-wining 1986 comedy-drama was shot in Brooklyn and shows how Darling copes with a job, friends, and three relationships. 

The story was also picked up by Netflix in 2017 and is now made into a series starring DeWanda Wise. 

4. Paper Moon (1973)

In Paper Moon, Peter Bogdanovich has used the power of storytelling to evoke the sentiments of the Great Depression through the lives of two characters who are unrelated, but team up for the upcoming adventures.

For that time, the movie was a rather different one as before Bogdanovich nobody wrote stories in a comical light about the depression era. 

In the movie, the two leading characters, a con man and a young girl, come together to become teammates. Later, they form an unlikely but loving partnership. 

Through the connection they develop, Paper Moon has encapsulated the essence and power of genuine human connection in motivating real change. 

5. Manhattan (1979)

Manhattan is a love letter from Director Woody Allen to express his love for New York but through the nostalgic black and white lens. 

Starring Woody Allen himself, Diane Keaton, and Mariel Hemingway, the movie features the love life of a divorced TV writer who falls in love with his best friend’s mistress whilst already having a teenage girlfriend.

The movie is an interesting crossroads between love, loyalty, and morality. The direction and cinematography pay an ode to the colorful and bustling Manhattan, and the story of the characters reminds one of the nostalgic cinemas from the past. 

6. To Kill A Mockingbird (1962)

Aired in 1962, To Kill A Mockingbird is one of the finest monochrome classics that must be experienced at least once!

The movie plays on the themes of racial discrimination, innocence, resilience, humanity, and our shared capacity for tolerance through the story of a lawyer who defends a black man against a false accusation. 

The movie is inspired by the book by Harper Lee by the same name and shows the story with shocking accuracy and moving characterization. 

To date, To Kill A Mockingbird is applauded as one of the best classic black and white movies that western cinema has ever witnessed. 

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