5 Of The Best Attractions At Disneyland

When we talk about amusement parks, the first place that comes to mind is Disneyland. Disneyland stands tall in all...

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W hen we talk about amusement parks, the first place that comes to mind is Disneyland. Disneyland stands tall in all its glory even after all these decades. The best attractions at Disneyland, along with the food you’ll eat and the memories you make, contribute to making your trip a success. It's no wonder 18.6 million people visited it in 2019! Whether you like fast rides or slow ones, tall ones or short ones, the one thing that remains constant is the dilemma of choosing. 

To ensure that you don't waste a minute once you get there and make the most of your time, we have compiled a list of not-to-miss attractions and shows that are present in Disneyland, which will leave you both stunned and amazed. 

Star Wars: Rise Of The Resistance 

Want to get completely immersed in the Star Wars universe? This new attraction has specifically been designed for you. Instead of just leaning into the common idea of a theme park, Disneyland takes it a step further by crafting this realistic, galactic adventure. We can only describe this 15-plus-minute experience by calling it magic. From the ships to the Stormtroopers- every minute of this experience is so dazzling that you'll be left stunned. 

Splash Mountain

When California is burning hot, lines here are longer because people are looking to beat the heat. The good thing about going on this water ride right in the winter is that the line will be a lot shorter. Yes, you'll get wet and cold, but at least you'll get a chance to go on a fantastic water ride that people all around the world want to go on. It is based on the story from Disney's Song of the South film with astounding animatronics and catchy music.It’s something you’ll remember for a lifetime. 

Alice In Wonderland 

Looking to fall down a rabbit hole and experience Alice’s adventures? What more could one want? This ride is perfect even if you don't like the movie as much. A smoke-puffing caterpillar, a talking doorknob, and a grinning Cheshire cat. Where else will you ever get to see this scene if not at Disneyland? The surreal special effects and hand-drawn animation they recently came up with have also made this ride a thousand times better. Step into this wondrous land of imagination running wild, and creatures of fantasy.

Pirates Of The Caribbean 

This is one of the longest rides at Disneyland, and also the most popular attraction. It starts with you sitting in a boat which slowly takes you through a series of detailed pirate scenes from the universally loved franchise. You'll remember some of these scenes if you’ve watched the Pirates of the Caribbean movies before coming! 

It is also known to be amongst the topmost elaborate and dark rides in Disney history. So make sure to be careful when taking your kids along with you. If your children are a little bit older and fans of the Caribbean series, they’re in for the time of their lives!

Peter Pan's Flight 

After a long time of staying at home because of the pandemic, you deserve a ride on Peter Pan's flight. A classic and a complete game changer for Disneyland. Ever since it came into being in 1995, it has been thrilling visitors endlessly. So much so, that the line is exceptionally long no matter what time of day it is. It's almost like people know Peter Pan personally! 

This is also another glorious dark ride. The ride gives you the illusion of being with Peter Pan and flying above London and Neverland. Your childhood dreams will only come truer and truer once you get on this ride, especially since you'll get glimpses of a miniature Tinker Bell. 

Pack Your Bags And Start Planning 

Now that you know the best places to visit at Disneyland to make your trip a success, there's nothing else left for you to do other than setting a time and date. Don't waste any more time as getting a chance to go to Disneyland can prove to be very rare. So, whenever you get the opportunity, you should always make sure to avail yourself of it and experience the best attractions at Disneyland. 

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