4 Best Car Games 

Racing games appeared to be well past their ruling years about a decade ago: arcade motorsports like Blur or Split/Second...

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R acing games appeared to be well past their ruling years about a decade ago: arcade motorsports like Blur or Split/Second were just not selling. The best car games from even leading companies were getting rejected, and even popular franchises like Need for Speed seemed to be battling to maintain their popularity. 

It seemed that the era of all big-ticket racing car games, the genre of the thrilling mass-market attraction, had met its ultimate end. This was, of course, with the rare exception of Gran Turismo or Mario Kart.

Fortunately for racing enthusiasts, things are looking up once again. The PC simulator racing sector is once again revving (pun intended). Even Codemasters has ridden a successful term on the Formula One franchise up to an unprecedented $1.2 billion purchase by EA, demonstrating just how great a quality racing game is valued today.

1. Forza Motorsport 7 (2017)

If Top Trumps was a card game, Forza Motorsport 7 would have been the all-powerful card you'd slip into your hand secretly while shuffling the stack. The stats in FM7 are just impossible to ignore: over 800 vehicles from 99 suppliers and 30 courses to race on. 

Forza 7 is graphically gorgeous, as it befits a game that's blessed with a development budget equivalent to a small island's GDP. With a smooth 60 frames per second action and stunning 4K graphics, this quasi simulation pushes right at the top-end Xbox technology to its maximum limits. Just take our word for it!

2. Blur (2010)

Blur, an inadequately made effort to combine Mario Kart and Project Gotham Racing, was purchased by just three individuals. Those three individuals, on the other hand, will have experienced the most thrilling and overlooked multiplayer races of all history.

Blur used actual automobiles and genuine settings before stuffing them with Mario Kart animations like power-ups and fluorescent lighting that rivaled an 80s party. As a consequence, there were two primary sources of enjoyment within the game: lawfully awarding handling as well as the air-punching thrill of clunking your companion with the video game's legally separate counterpart of a red shell. It really shouldn't have succeeded, but like the chocolate-coated pretzel of car racing games, it absolutely did.

More typical racing game environments such as San Francisco or downtown Tokyo were supplemented by sketchy chicken store-lined alleys of Shoreditch as well as the beachfront in Brighton to amp up the unashamed Britishness of the game. Only the furious, never-ending rain was absent from the British escapes.   

3. Rocket League (2015)

According to Hemingway, there are only 3 true sports: motor racing, bullfighting, and mountaineering. Everything else is "merely games." We're starting to wonder whatever old Ernie might think of Rocket League; a game that mixes kerosene-powered vehicles similar to his favorite motor game sports, a gigantic football, and real explosions whenever players score in the game. We are beat because there might still not be enough wounded bulls for his liking.

We'll admit that this game is a racing game only in the broadest sense since players might spend a lot of playtime airborne, but we are declaring this fantastic multiplayer racing game as one of our top choices nonetheless. Football is incomparably better once you consider adding wheels, as enthusiasts have confirmed numerous times on youtube live gameplays.

4. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit (2010)

The fictitious police department in Need For Speed Hot Pursuit's Seacrest County agonizes over whether they should choose the Zonda Cinque, Carrera GT, or perhaps the Reventón while UK cops are busy trying to cut in with their BMW 3 Series Touring. All the while, the criminal is attempting to flee in the game.

Even with each ridiculously costly 'cruiser' outfitted with spike belts, EMPs, and movable barricades, the most exciting element of Hot Pursuit is chasing the cars down as the cops. Meanwhile, the drivers have an energy boost as well as a protective jammer, resulting in a beautifully balanced cop chase.

This all takes place over in the sim world's magnificent, sweeping highways, blending Need for Speed's licensed exotica garages with Burnout's face-melting speed and crushing takedowns. The only advice we will give you is to enjoy this stimulation and have fun customizing your cars.


Truth be told, the golden age of the best car games is upon us once again, and if these recommendations don’t revive the video game junkie in you then probably nothing else will either!

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